basmati rice 5kg for £3.97

18 May

london 8.45pm 2015 monday.

I was chatting to my friend who lives in slough, and he asked me what i have been doing. i told him of a great find , asda has  basmati rice cheap. asda, the old kent road branch, the cheapest buy ever. and it is all basmati and not  mixed with long grain rice, which they sometimes do and sell it cheap. the brand is ashoka, never heard of it, but i never bother with the brands. as long as it is basmati, i have never got a bad batch no matter what the brand.

 he said he will go to his asda branch to see if they sell it and he will buy it as he too eat basmati rice instead of thai rice.

i stumbled across the rice bargain in asda by accident. i had intended to buy veg , having gone  earlier to aldi nearby but did not buy anything as there wasn’t any veg bargains. (unusual for them, but this weeks bargain buys was not what i like).

there were no veg bargains in asda either, but i went to the loo there, and re-entering the supermarket via their other entrance, i saw a pile of it. that is fortunate, as i would not have gone to the rice aisle to check.

sometimes i do wish they will send me an email telling me of it. but they never send us things we want to hear. we hear of them sending unsolicited emails and people complain of it, but i sure would not mind if they send me these. when u want them to send it to you , they dont… isn’t that just typical of life?

anyway i bought 3packs weighing 5kg each. it was as much as i could carry. luckily the bus drops me right by my flat so there is not much distance to walk. times like these i wish i got my trolley with me, but it is so bulky, it is just not practical to carry it around with me on the offchance i get to buy heavy stuff.

if u are in the market for cheap basmati rice, i am telling you of it now. haha. so go for it. though i suspect it is only that asda branch in the old kent road that is doing it. i feel like going again to buy another batch. i doubt it can be any cheaper. i can never get too much rice, as both simon and i are avid rice eaters. haha.

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