disney princess

19 May

london 3.09pm tuesday 2015

a girly toy this one. the only girly toy in the whole giveaway. hope the girls dont feel left out. maybe i am male, but it does not look very exciting unlike the other toys. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i bought another two lots of basmati rice. and allready the pile of rice on sale is getting halved, and it is only one day since i went there and saw that pile.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the expiry date is may 2017. i thought they were being sold cheap because they are near their expiry date, but not so. these packs of rice will be eaten long before then. simon and i usually go through a 5kg pack a month.

added 8.20pm my friend from slough called me and he said his local asda was also selling the basmati rice, and he bought 2packs. he is chinese but he said he dont eat rice much. that surprised me, he said there are so many other things to eat, that dont include rice. he is quite westernised. though he has a english partner, who cooks, so that might be a factor.

added 20.5.15 we hear so much of supermarkets putting out bogus special offers that cost more than the normal price, yet here is one supermarket genuinely selling cheaper price and they dont advertise it at all in their website or newspapers … why? i wonder? perhaps they dont have a lot of stock and so cannot advertise otherwise the stock gets sold out on the first day and they will get into trouble for advertising something that is not available. 

i like rice but also i find rice dishes very easy and quick to cook. that is another reason for me to like rice. haha. i like my life simple, and easy, so dont want to like something that is difficult to cook as i dont like to make my life difficult.

he mentioned fish and chips, chicken pie, but if u want to cook those from scratch they involve a lot of work. he said he buys them. i dont like to buy ready meals so that is out for me. 

well, my life is very pleasant with me playing with lego toys and seeking rice bargains. haha. i like this life because there is nothing to worry about and no troubles.

unlike all these news i read about the rohinya boat people trying to find another country to take them, but there is none. long gone are those days when u can migrate and seek your fortune in another land, where no one lives or u can land and take it over from the inhabitants by force. every bit of land in the world is spoken for.

i am sure  migrating peoples have been happening throughout the history of mankind right from prehistoric days. in those days homo sapiens are the migrants and invaded the lands occupied by the neanderthals and exterminated them. so u can well be wise to repel these migrations. no good can come of them.

just look at the american indians , letting the white settlers in … a few come and then a horde of them follow and before u know it, u are displaced from your land for a few beads.

the phillipines have said they will take the rohinya, so i hope all the boat people will be flown there. or did the phillipines mean only if they go there in their boats? hope not, because no boat will manage to go there , so far away. phillipines are allready having trouble from its muslim minorities living in the southern parts, so are they hoping that bringing in these rohinya muslims will dilute their numbers and sow dissent amongst them?

i am glad i dont have to worry about the solution to all this.

in the past europe would have condemned the countries for not taking in the boat people, but now they are keeping quiet because they now know what it is like to have hordes of boat people come to their shores. 


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