First glimpse of TfL’s new-look rail network map – Transport – News – London Evening Standard

21 May

First glimpse of TfL’s new-look rail network map – Transport – News – London Evening Standard.

everyone says it is great that tfl (transport for london) is taking over the rail network around london. but it is a situation where it opens the whole network to be affected by a strike , because the RMT will join forces with the rail unions and demand more money or they will strike, and because they only have to deal with one authority, tfl, they can hold it to ransom.

this bank holiday monday will see a rail strike, which wont affect the tube and buses. so london itself is not going to be affected this bank holiday.  but just wait in future, the whole thing will stop working. and then london will be fxxked.

london escaped a fate like that with the buses. they are too fragmented with so many owners that the unions cannot find one to hang by the balls.

with tfl now taking over the overground rails it will be ripe for ballhanging by the unions.

i noticed all the budget hotels near me are fully booked this weekend. could it be many out of town commuters are staying in london on monday night? they should if they are wise. or just extend their bank holiday an extra day and dont come in to work on tuesday.

added 9.45pm. well the usual ploy that we can recognise now. they threaten to strike and then extort concessions and last minute say they wont strike after all; but since plans are allready in place to cancel services, we are left with the disruption that would happen anyway , except the buggers now got all they asked for and dont suffer 2 days of lost salary. clever!!! the formula works so well, because there is no answer for it, except to give in.

in the end, it is the commuter who will be shafted. so to all those commuting, i will hear no more of complaints about high cost of your season ticket, nor the crowded carriages, nor cancelled trains. just suck it up, you poor wildebeests you haha.


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