first world fun

24 May

london 9.43am sunday 2015

its a lovely sunny day out there this morning, and i had been having a chat with my talk talk provider call person. i got a letter from them some time ago saying from 1june i wont be able to get free local calls all day, but only after 7pm-7am and weekends. and from 18july i wont be able to get free calls on 0845, 0870 numbers.  and they are raising the monthly charge from £8.50 to £10 a month. well, i actually am paying only £2.75 a month now. so i called to ask if i could renew the contract but he told me my contract dont expire until 9 aug. so i shall call them then and see. it would be great if i can renew the contract on the same terms but i doubt it. the trouble is simon likes all the catch up tv that this you view box lets him so he wants the service. so i cannot threaten to shift to a more basic service if they wont give me any discounts.

ah well, even if it is £10 a month i suppose it is a good buy. now watching tv is quite joyful, with the high definition and big screen. one of the joys of living in this day and age… and living in london.

added. 9.51pm. i had a nap, slept about 6pm to about 8pm. rather nice sleep. i said that it is nice to watch tv and looking at the tv program tonight i thought they are good to see, but actually i find i got bored with them. i saw the first episode of ‘jonathon strange and mr norrell’, which held my interest, but this 2nd episode did not. maybe it is me, i was just not in the mood for it. ah well, i circled 3 other channels for the 9pm slot, but didn’t feel like watching them. instead saw an old repeat of the rise of the continents which was more interesting. it was talking of the indian continent drifting north and creating the himalayas, and the african continent moving north creating the alps and eventually the mediterranean sea will disappear. it sounds so strange doesn’t it, would anyone believe it that land can move? 

all this technology you know. and still be able to gain easy access to books. the library has got another lot of new books and i borrowed 2. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the celia imrie one is really interesting, as who haven’t dreamt of living in southern france, at least wintering there and she describes the atmosphere and scenery and way of life there in a very appealing way.

added 5.13pm.

the last of the daily mail lego giveaway. the ninjago.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

added. 10pm tomorrow is the last of the bank holidays for spring. so many of them that i dont know about u lot but i am getting fed up of them. haha. i mean all those who had eagerly looked forwrd to the bank holiday when easter came, must have made a trip abroad allready by now, and must have got a bit over holidayed and run out of where to go this time. not to mention fighting the crowds who also are lemming like heading abroad. i bet now most of them will stay in the uk. 2 bank holidays in May alone. what a surfeit of it. we have run out of ideas what to do with it. i bet. 


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