Fast-food chains and coffee shops are failing to pay the living wage, survey finds – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

1 Jun

Fast-food chains and coffee shops are failing to pay the living wage, survey finds – UK Politics – UK – The Independent.

this one is asking the fast food people to pay a living wage instead of the minimum wage of £6.50/hour .

these places are open long hours, so what they are paying for are people willing to work long hours or shift workers. but the counter staff are unskilled workers so  i think they could pay higher wages if they get rid of the counter staff and just have lots more behind the scene workers, cooks . ( i was going to add washerups, until i realise all things are disposable so nothing to wash up)

i envisage a time when  customers can order via the web, so you dont even need to be in the shop; and paying for it online, and then when the food is cooked ready to collect, they will be alerted on their smartphones. no need for counter staff to take orders.

but they will need lots more grills, and cooks to make up the order. and those people can get higher wages. it will be harder for the unskilled to get work…though there will still be work for the unskilled ‘bus boy’, wiping clean the tables, collecting the used paperplates etc(though even here the customer is supposed to dispose of it themselves) and clean the floors.

all this talk of living wage seem to say even the bus boy should get it… seems a bit unfair for the cooks because theirs is a skilled job. so maybe it is inevitable that these fast food outlets will never have everyone working there on living wage.  i bet now they have the workers doing both jobs, when things are slack the staff can take turns tidying up the place. in a ideal world, everyone working there gets a good living wage, because they will take turns being cook, counter staff, bus boys etc but not everyone is skilled in everything. cooking is a specialised skill, esp cooking fast and efficiently.

people like equality , but unless u live in a hippy cloud of blissful unreality, u soon realise life is not equal.

i get to see macdonalds and burgerking giving away vouchers for their meals. £2 for big mac , whopper with fries. usually they cost about £4 each and that is just for the whopper or big mac. fries are extra. so competition amongst them is fierce. i find it strange that they are finding it hard to get customers, (though maybe i am mistaken to equate giving away reduced price vouchers is a sign that they are failing… it could just be a marketting ploy) when the posh burger places selling the same thing for £12 are opening all over london and presumably are doing well. hmm, i noticed they give special offers in their vouchers too. u need to subscribe to those websites that give vouchers. it seems the menu prices are just the starting point, if u are savvy u can get discounts on them.

added. 4.6.15. i had said they will do away with people taking your order and use a machine instead. well, it seems it is allready being done. this article mentions in australia someone was able to game the self serving ordering machine to get reduced price meals.


4 Responses to “Fast-food chains and coffee shops are failing to pay the living wage, survey finds – UK Politics – UK – The Independent”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday June 2, 2015 at 4:04 am #

    My sister shared that fast food workers get about $18-$22 an hour before taxes in NZ. I am surprised UK is a bit lower comparatively. Perhaps migrant workers pick up the slack? Over in Singapore it ranges $5 – $8 an hour for the same task. This is filled by seniors. I wish it would rise a bit more but then I think the labor cost will be passed back to consumer. Unless cost of burger rises I guess.

    • alifesgayventure Tuesday June 2, 2015 at 7:21 am #

      are those rates minimum wages? since u gave a range of rates, perhaps the lower rate is minimum wage for either of those countries. i googled it,
      for singapore… None.[8] However, two exceptions were made recently: 1) Cleaner jobs to have a minimum wage of $1,000/month effective January 2014.[198] 2) Security guards to have a minimum wage of $1,100/month effective September 2016.[199]
      NZ$14.75 per hour for workers 18 years old or older, and NZ$11.80 per hour for those aged 16 or 17 or in training; there is no statutory minimum wage for employees who are under 16 years old.[164]

      singapore has a minimum wage for those for employment pass. S$3.300 a month.
      The current salary threshold for the EP is $3,300. However, aside from the minimum salary, the applicant’s educational qualifications and work experiences will be considered by the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) in granting the EP.
      Requirements for obtaining an Employment Pass in Singapore

      • Garfield Hug Tuesday June 2, 2015 at 7:32 am #

        Security guards and cleaners have minimum wages now which is good. They are different. The indications I gave are for fast food. It depends on employers. Nothing mandated by law as up to market forces really

  2. alifesgayventure Tuesday June 2, 2015 at 7:43 am #

    interesting that an exception is made for cleaners and security guards in singapore. they must have got really low wages in the past and were exploited. did u say seniors are the majority workers in these fast food places? interesting that because here in uk, fast food joints are supposedly for students. at least it used to be. maybe not anymore.
    malaysia has a minimum wage, surprisingly to me.

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