mobile charges

3 Jun

london 9.06am wednesday 2015

i regularly check my mobile for messages, at least i try to when i can remember to switch it on.

this morning i got a message from sainsburysformobile, my provider, telling me that from 1july, the charges will change.

it will be free to call 0800, 0808 numbers from the mobile, previously we can only get it free if calling from a landline. and other numbers like 084, 087, 118, will show the costs from your provider and the cost from the company that is called. making the charges more transparent. at the moment i know the cost from my provider, 8p/min. which is cheaper than my landline, which charges 16p just to call, plus the rate/min. that is why i have asked simon to use my mobile phone to call rather than use the landline. esp now when i will lose my free daytime calls from the landline.

 but without any idea of what the cost is from the company’s end, it is a guess as to how much those 084, 087 calls can be. i know 118 calls are really expensive. those are for phone directory enquiries. but for 0845, which supposedly cost the price of a local call, instead of a national call rate, so it is supposed to help those who dont live in the area.

 i must say i dont make a lot of calls on my mobile so it wont be of a concern to me. still it is nice to know the costs if i have to call these numbers. the biggest change and a beneficial one will be that all 0800 and 0808 calls are free (wait till 1st july)whether u call from mobile or not.


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