Three Of Britain’s Most Dangerous Pedestrian Crossings Are On Oxford Street | Londonist

4 Jun

Three Of Britain’s Most Dangerous Pedestrian Crossings Are On Oxford Street | Londonist.

not really surprising. my bus often crosses that street, and i have seen the behaviour of pedestrians. there are so many of them, so inevitably they make their own rules. when traffic is stuck, they cross the street even when it is red for them.

i cannot really blame them, esp when so many are foreigners and as a tourist myself, when i am in a foreign country i too dont really know the rules, and just follow others, and if one person walks across when it is red, many automatically follow.

now the pedestrian lights have a count down, which is much better in telling how much time u have to cross it. not sure if they have installed that in the oxford st crossings. it would help.

added 3pm, i have got back from there. went there after the library to see what is happening in st christopher place, which is just off oxford st, near debenhams. they are doing some kind of charity event , sun was shining and everything looks summery. a lot of comments say they should pedestrianise oxford st, but i was really glad for the buses. it brought me right there, and after i had wandered around selfridges (£330 for a hoodie jacket, prices have really gone up since i last was there , 5yrs ago i think). it is just very nice to go to the bus stop for all buses going to picadilly circus, separate bus stops for buses going left  to kingscross and others going straight on to tottenham court road and holborn.

there were so many buses going right to picadilly circus, it is like a chauffeur service, u can get one so easily, and you can just enjoy the ride not having to fret at the slow progress, as the meter is not ticking away. the traffic was moving well, it consists of only just buses and taxis, no private cars. so i am not in favour of making it pedestrian only.

it is a long walk to get from one end of oxford st to the other, so buses to take u from one end to the other is just great.  after exhausting yourself trekking all over the department stores, you will be glad of them.

Digital StillCamera

i saw the three arabic ladies pushing an empty baby pram, but there was no baby in there… rather funny that, i was thinking of lady bracknell asking   ‘miss prism, where is the baby…’

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