summer night

5 Jun

london 9.50pm friday 2015

the light is very different in a summer’s night like this. the sky is light blue, instead of black with stars. and i can see wisps of whitish clouds, so late at night. in fact there are no stars to be seen. the sun set is at 9.14pm.

when i think of the black sky over kuala lumpur , the harsh light of the neon lamps and the hurricane lamps of the hawker stalls, it gives me a strange feeling. both have this heat , in malaysia it is bearable heat from the furnace in the day, and pleasant, whilst here it is just pleasant , and in contrast to those of us knowing what it is usually like in winter with a cold wind blowing. it is very mild and windless outdoors now.

i think most times we just take the night for granted and do our thing, going from one indoor venue to another, and not really thinking of it. but i was looking out of the window of my flat and the light caught my attention and make me think of it. when you get such weather all the time, u dont really think of it, but now and then, like now, the english weather turns mediterranean, and the night becomes like we are on holiday in the south of france. and we really appreciate it.

Life is like that, if we get it all the time, we just take it for granted. but when it comes only now and then, when it does come, we sit up and notice and spend time savouring it. 


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