are tastecards good value for money?

6 Jun

london 3.20pm 2015 saturday

i am seeing this offer at the daily mail, saying i can get a tastecard, normally costing £80 which gives u 50% off or 2 for 1 meals in selected restaurants. all i have to do is collect 3 (or is it 4, i forget) unique numbers from the weekend daily mails. i collect the numbers anyway but for the points which i can exchange for money vouchers from supermarkets when i collect enough points. and they dont even ask me to pay with points to get that card, for a year’s membership. (i wonder how they make money then, unless they are so keen to get members just so they can get more customers booking at the restaurants that are in their plan. even at 50% it is still a lot of money u have to spend, not to mention, if u order wine, that is even better for the restaurant. it is a fact, that if u run a restaurant, customers are what u want, if there are no bums on seats, there is no business.)

but have anyone tried these tastecards? i was looking at their website to see what restaurants are included, and dont see any of the restaurants i like… like the many chinese restaurants in chinatown dont seem to be included. it makes me wonder if these restaurants may inflate the ordinary prices, just to offset the discounts they give with this tastecard. so maybe if u dont have a tastecard, you might like to avoid those restaurants.

ah well, these are modern day strategies and pitfalls. haha. first world problems as they say.

added. i noticed from the rules they ask customers to order the drinks from the menu rather than ‘tap water’. so i think if they dont inflate cost of the main dishes, the starters and desserts are a way for them to inflate the price of the food; they will inflate the drinks menu. it might explain why all restaurants seem to have very high drinks prices. and of course we all know wine prices have a very high mark up.

we all want low prices but i think it is not the point here. it is a voluntary activity eating out;

i can see the side of the owners too, they have to make a profit obviously, and no one have to eat out, so i should think those who do must expect to pay for the whole shebang. think of it as getting an experience.

 added. 5pm. talking of getting experiences, i know those gurus that talk of what life is, say it is not buying things that gives u happiness but experiences. hmm. it can get overrated this experience thingy. haha. presumably they mean nice experiences, and not the experience of being bankrupt or being in debt, or falling ill, or being cheated , or being overcharged… so not all experiences are good, and so i say it is over rated all this talk of experiences are better than things. 

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