The only thing that can stop tip inflation is stingy millennials | Zach Stafford | Comment is free | The Guardian

8 Jun

The only thing that can stop tip inflation is stingy millennials | Zach Stafford | Comment is free | The Guardian.

this one can only apply in america, where the staff rely on tips to bring their pay to minimum wage. it is the owner effectively saying the customer pays for the staff. i am glad we in uk dont have that system.

added. reading the article again i noticed he said baristas are paid minimum wage and so dont have to rely on their tips. so this is just the management using the smartphone payment method to make more money from the tips. because it seems the tip do not go to the server but add to the management’s profit. what a con!!

(of course, u could say anyone who pays with a apple phone or any of these technology is rich and deserved to  be fleeced, but you can see technology is making it easier for management to increase the cost… on the reason that it is convenient and make for speedy transactions. but convenience to whom? not to the customer that is for sure. )

so we find in this situation which zach stafford finds himself… because people pay with a smart phone, or with a cashless card in america, the amount of tip is suggested.

$2 tip for a $4 coffee seems excessive. of course they say u can alter it or refuse it, but few would do that for fear of being thought cheapskate. or for fear that they will have to stop going to that place. no knowing what the barista is going to put in your coffee if word gets round that u dont tip. haha.

the owners say they keep prices down as they rely on customers to tip and pay their staff;  to us in london, $4 = £2.80,  is not cheap. it costs the same as in london and we dont have this tipping culture. so i dont think the prices are kept down at all.

here, we dont have that passive aggressive attitude to their customers that will happen when the staff rely on tips. a customer may think 10% is good enough for tips, but the staff may think 20% minimum is expected.

it isn’t even that the barrista gave special service to warrant a tip. he is doing what he is there to do, make coffee.

in fact, come to think of it, u are at the counter. it is not that u are at a table and he have to bring it to u even, you are being the waiter here and you still have to give him a tip… ?!!!

why expect a tip for that? and it fosters a forced behaviour on their part… they feel they have to do extra… that kind of unwanted service that u dont want… like making cheerful greetings and being over friendly and keep asking u ‘how are you doing?’ just so they can appear to give extra service.

addeed. 12.22pm i was taking the c10 back to my place after my library session. what was new is seeing this man in work clothes and flourescent jacket wheeling a pile of suitcases on his upright wheeler. he was with a elderly chinese lady. he put the luggage in the bus and he waved the lady bye , waved bye to the bus driver and off he went, did not hang around to collect a tip, and i thought that is the thing here in uk, they just accept a thank you and that is it, off they go. it is unusual for anyone to have a porter person carrying their luggage . this is an ordinary bus stop, not a coach stop or anything.

the thought occurred to me how is the old lady going to carry all that luggage out of the bus and who will take it to  where she is going? did she expect someone she knows to be waiting for her at her stop? it is the thing about life, the story is half told and we dont know the ending. haha. nor in this case the beginning, as to where did she come from and how did she manage to get a workman to porter the luggage?

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