high pollen in london

11 Jun

london 8.02am thursday 2015

i went out at about 7pm yesterday to the tesco in vauxhall, and noticed it is rather dusty (with pollen i presume). so much so that i had to wrap my muffler over my nose so i can filter the dust out. it was quite cold too, surprisingly, (it is the wind, if it is blowing, and from the north, it will be cold and make a person feel it) considering we are in june now.

anyway i have noticed when i look out of my kitchen window that the wind blowing down the road, and hence not directly into my flat, was carrying a lot of particles. and i have been sneezing a lot , even in my flat. that is because i have the windows open, i shall have to close them from now on. i think.

so i know the pollen count must be high and this morning i read in a daily telegraph article that it is very high count, so it is official. haha. that is why i welcome the rain, it sweeps the pollen down into the ground. not all rain is bad. and it is forecast to rain today. hooray!!

added. i have been looking at the forecast and the rain seems to be shifting. earlier thunderstorms are forecast for friday, now it seems it is on saturday.. hope it does not fall on our naked bike ride at 3pm on saturday. though it would be great for us hay fever sufferers so i guess whatever happens it is a win win for us.

i read that uber drivers are peeing into bottles and leaving it around london. it must be a non story, because i am sure they do it all the time, but why leave the bottles around, just empty the contents into the drain grates along the side of the road which drains rain water away, and u are all set to pee again into that bottle. haha. actually, if it is raining heavily, u dont even need to find a drain grate.

for pedestrians, there are so many street pots and containers with plants all over the place,(of course chose those in the street and open to the elements. not to mention there are so many garden squares where u can empty your bottle discreetly. that way u dont have pee bottles all over the street, and no one will know of it. obviously this applies to men drivers. though i am sure women can find a way too. and if u ask where can u pee without it being obvious, i think if u have a newspaper which u can pretend to read ; u can pee anywhere. really, but any corner of a building is a good place. and there are all these empty telephone boxes. 

i think we men do it all the time, carry a empty wide neck bottle with us, just so we can pee in it. it is not something we talk about, haha. or give advise on. i have never heard anyone in the papers or on tv or in those advise website ever telling people to do it… but it is the most useful thing u can do.

there is really no need to pee in doorways or alleyways and letting the pee stink the place up. yet it happens…  all of it done  by drunk people, i am sure.  when there is this so easy convenient way , anyone who pees on the street should be clouted on the head, i should think and told off, so there!


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