london life

12 Jun

london 8.35pm friday 2015

so far no sign of that thunderstorm they were promising us but perhaps it is early days. i expect we shall get it in the early morning, and i hope it will then pass us quickly so that by 3pm tomorrow we shall have a sunny day for the naked bike ride. we can hear thunder in the distance, but only a smattering of rain just to wet the pavement and that is all. the highest temperature today was 25.8C, so their forecast that it will be 27C is out. and so far it has not been very rainy so their forecast of it being the wettest day will be out too. i think what they cannot predict is the timing. they know a storm is coming but when it arrives is depandant on the wind or lack of, and that they cannot predict.

it was a very enervating day earlier, warm and humid and for me very sneezing and watering eyes and itchy throat from hay fever. i dont really like going out when it is like that.

 we were out, because john wanted a stir fry of noodles with his lamb steak he brought from bournemouth. so we went to chinatown to buy bean sprouts, and flat noodle. i did the stir fry, and it was quite delicious. the lamb was very nice. its been ages since i ate lamb. and there are still two steaks for tomorrow.

by coincidence, john’s friend peter was in london. (they both live in bournemouth). we met by chance as we walked to the bus stop near my flat.  and he was going to the community hall nearby. well, when he met us he cancelled his going to the community centre and joined us on our trip to soho.

have u had this happen before? where a friend from your home town suddenly comes walking down the street when u are on holiday somewhere. it seems a friend of his got a day return ticket to london but his meeting was cancelled and asked peter whether he would like it and have a day in london.  

after the soho shopping, he took us to st martin in the fields, a church by trafalgar square where there was a pianist playing on a grand piano, at the alter. or where the alter would be.

this guy was playing the piano, and there was no one there except a old lady sleeping on the right nave, and a man sleeping on the left. haha. it seems they are remnants from the church being given over to homeless people sleeping there all night. i did not know all this but peter knew. i would never have known of this as all signs of bedding etc were not visible.

and the guy was practising his recital , which he would perform at 1pm. that was why he was playing to an empty church. it is great if u like listening to this music, there are a lot of these recitals being given free in this church during lunch time and evenings.

peter wanted to give us a treat and pay for the river cruise to hampton court, but we just missed the boat, at 12pm. and even though he suggested we take the boat to the tower bridge and the thames barrier, i said i was not really interested, as i have been there and it is something i see easily and i can get there free without paying for it. i know he is giving us a treat, but no use wasting money. the original plan of taking the boat to hampton court would be more interesting. still i was glad  we missed the boat, there is another at 2pm, but i wanted to get back, the hay fever is tiring. anyway we got back and had lunch instead. and we checked the bikes, for the naked ride. one of the bikes got a puncture and cannot be used, but i got two more, so that was ok.

i seldom ride on the bikes now, and only take out the bikes once a year at this naked bike ride. simon is riding one of the bikes more often, as he has been riding it to work. but tomorrow he will have to go by bus as i shall be taking his bike. haha.

yesterday john and i went to the sex club that we like very much. it is now £8 to get in after 7pm, so gone up by £1, but still very good value for money. certainly i had a really nice time there. i go only once a year,always at this time of year to coincide with john coming for the naked bike ride;  but it is always very nice whenever i go. one chap there recognised me and came up to chat, and told me that paris gym, a gay gym in vauxhall, (i was oneof the first to join when it opened in 1995), is closing.  

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