today i went to the gym after a long absence.

26 Jun

london 8.06pm, friday 2015

i get the occasional email from my old gym, telling me if i hurry i can rejoin them without paying the joining fee. i got one recently, and that made me have a look around and wonder if i should start going to the gym again.

i am getting  a bit lazy about going swimming too. i have not been since the beginning of this year, when my local swimming pool where i get free entry underwent a renovation. so that is an absence of 6months.

 whilst i was looking at the gym’s website, i happen to hit on their new branch in charing cross, and they have an open day, which was today. so i booked it and went this afternoon.

usually a new branch opening has a £10 a month introductory membership, but this one , maybe because it is so central, has a £21 a month offer. it is the same as an ordinary membership of their other branches.

in side, i notice a sign saying join now before they raise it to the normal price. no mention of what the normal price will be, but it looks like it will be higher than the other branches of this company. the gym is like the other branches. no sauna , or jacuzzi or whatever, just showers and toilets, and the usual gym machines and weights and aerobics room. hmm, i think if they have a sauna or steam room i might be tempted to join, because i am thinking a sauna or steam after a workout is really very nice. anyway, i did some exercises on the machines, but did not have my heart in it, that was the reason why i gave it up in the first place. i have not been to the gym for about 2yrs now. so i realise there is  no point rejoining the gym. well, that is good to clear up for me. i shall return to swimming.

london is very warm now. thank goodness the buses have all got  air conditioning. and it filters out the pollen too, so my hay fever is less when i am in the bus. but if i walk outside, it comes on. last summer has not been like this, with my hayfever acting up, so i suppose this means this summer will be hot… haha. the weather forecast says it will be 31C next week. i think i shall expect it when i see it. many times they have predicted 30C but it never came. secretly i am glad it never came. i dont really like such temperatures. it is bad enough allready now, when it is only 26C. 

i should do indoor things, that is why indoor swimming will be perfect. and definitely no country walks… i must remind myself or i shall forget and start walking and then will regret it.

now i am back at home, and my hay fever is gone. i am ok when i am indoors with the windows closed. haha. life is very pleasant, inspite of these hay fever.

i am eating bread and jam/peanut butter  and plums. i got them real cheap just now from tesco. the bread was 6p for 800mg wholemeal , and the plums were 44p for 1kg. quite a nice bargain. all washed down with darjeeling tea.

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