Got A Sexy Postcode? Then Ruddy Well Flaunt It | Londonist

27 Jun

Got A Sexy Postcode? Then Ruddy Well Flaunt It | Londonist.

this is featuring t-shirts made by this website , basically it is them printing words on to t shirts, in this case  just postcodes printed on t shirts, but it just seems strange to me to read that dalston E8, the postcode, is so sexy, that it can now appear on a t shirt. haha, to us old timers, dalston was so out of it, we have not heard of it even. it just goes to show that anywhere in london that is in zone 1 and 2 are good bets to live and buy property. sooner or later they will become hip and trendy. haha.

also according to this report dalston junction has been moved from zone 2 to zone 1 with all the fares changes . it can be good or bad, if it had remain in zone 2, travel within that zone and outwards would be cheaper. the fares given in that article are out of date. the article was written in 2010. currant fares

on the other hand, giving it zone 1 might raise its status…and from the fact that it is now sexy enough to be featured on a t shirt would suggest that ploy had worked. added. i see from a recent zone map that it has revert back to zone 2. so now those who live there get the benefit of the zone 2 low fares, whilst the fare to go into zone 1 is unchanged. this is because they have made the fare the same whether u travel within zone 1 or go from zone 1 to 2. living in zone 2 has its advantages. the elephant and castle may well become the next sexy postcode.


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