sense of order

28 Jun

london 9.18am sunday 2015

i have a feeling that what i like about living in london and the uk in general is the sense of order that prevails here.

i realise this when yesterday morning i was waiting for the bus, and felt a sense of irritation when the bus did not come as the timetable said it would. on saturday it seems, the frequency of the bus is reduced from its weekly 10min intervals. then, it does not matter if any one bus is late, but this one the buses are supposed to come every 20mins, and instead it came 10mins after its scheduled time. i got irritated because it is rare that this happens.

it is only when it is absent, that we notice something we have always taken for granted before.

ever since they started the bike lane improvements and dug up the roads, the buses have been always late. i guess we have to tolerate it until the finish the works. i hope the cyclists are grateful, though i doubt it. for all the money spent of these road improvements they are not going to stop the reckless and ignorant cyclists who continue to engineer their own accidents from their behaviour. 

take one example i saw recently. it was a one way system , a wide road, with traffic going straight and turning left and right, and this angry shouting cyclists was hurling abuse, because he was riding on the right lane and getting in the way of traffic going right. he wants to go straight and should have kept to the middle lane. so of course he gets cars cutting across his path as they turn right. and he was effing away, thinking he is the righteous one. when he is a berk.

coming back to things being orderly, it does made me realise things generally do happen quite on time, or if it does not, the frequency of service is such that it does not involve a long waiting period between. and that makes me realise things here are orderly , rather than chaotic or random, which is what i find happens in other places, and i am looking at you … s.e.asian countries.

the only time when things gets disrupted in london, is when there is a demonstration or street march or marathon, or a big do lilke the gay pride in london yesterday.  but generally drivers are told of it, or if not, they should ask themselves why not? and make sure they avoid coming into central london on that day. having said that i think there are too many of these disruptions with everyone wanting to come to london to make their point. someone did ask why dont they go somewhere else to demonstrate… but i guess no one will read of it, nor pay them any attention if they go elsewhere to demonstrate.

but generally things do happen as they are supposed to and that i find is a very big factor in why i like living here. this is not the case in foreign lands.

i think also i am biased towards london. i like living here so anything that happens , good or bad, is likely to be viewed with tolerance by me. i can see that is a very human thing to do. if u like something, u can be very tolerant of a lot of things. 

it is like a friend of mine who likes thailand and thai people , and he is very tolerant of their foibles, and very critical of british people when he comes to visit britain. some things that he would tolerate if it is done by a thai, he would rant and rave if done by a brit. so i guess i am like him, but the opposite .

i have to say, i get a flash of irritation when these bus disruptions come up; but it is only for a moment, as i am never in a hurry to get anywhere so these delays are not critical. if ever i want to get somewhere quick, like yesterday when i decided to get back from soho, after less than an hour there… it was so crowded i just want to get home and away from the crowd and what with  the buses (those that were running)  trapped in jams, i just get into leicester square tube station, (it was the nearest one), and swiftly get back by tube, away from all that crowd.

 i just like buses, and it would be my transport of choice. 

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added. monday 29.6.15 one american tourist thought a flag  with dildos and butt plugs looks arabic and immediately concluded it is a isis flag. and it is typical of cnn not to check it out first before running the story as a serious news item.if it had run the story poking fun at that woman it might be understandable but it was taken in all seriousness.

is it true then that americans have no sense of humour? this might support that generalisation.

added. that person who took that video is not an america tourist, she is actually the cnn editor… who are cnn? are they a joke tv channel, like the onion? the onion i think embodies american’s idea of humour, their attempt at humour can be painfully unfunny. they try hard,and that is the trouble and failing at it. 

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