29 Jun

london 6.03pm monday 2015 25.3C

£= 1.40 euros. the highest i have seen for a long while, bringing with it an echo of those days when £=1.50euros.

it would be more expensive for the europeans to come to uk though. the greek exit is to blame for this euro weakening. personally i think it is inevitable that greece should strike out on its own.

like uk when the £ was set free, i think greece will enjoy a new lease of life. all those who have not taken their money out of the banks deserve to lose it.  (sorry about that, made that statement out of ignorance…tut,tut… found out that their pensions are paid into the bank) and there have been enough warning. so that it bemused me to see long queues  to take their money out now. foolish people for not seeing that it is inevitable that greece must leave the EU if it is ever to come out of this hole.

added found out the reason why they have to queue to take out their money is because they are only allowed to take out 60 euros a day. and pensioners will have their pensions paid to the banks and cannot cash it all.  hmm, i dont suppose it is allowed to transfer money abroad either. it seems they are stocking up , clearing the supermarket of foods, and stockpiling stuff. 

i think it will be a blessing in disguise if greece gets its own currency. as it is , with the banks closed for a week, no money can be taken out. i think most people, those who could, would  allready have taken out their money. there must be loads of cash hidden in homes now, (those who still have it , that is..) haha. i am optimistic that being out of the euro is a good thing for greece. 

 greece is very small, it has only 11.12million people. i am really amazed that it has such a small population. 50,000 sq mile, 212 people per sq mile. about 18 million visitors in 2013. 22million in 2014.

they advise tourists to take cash for funding the whole holiday. hmm, next we shall read of how they got robbed and all their cash stolen. haha. 

added. 30.6.15 tuesday. this article mentioned that 90% of the IMF loans to greece of 250billion euros went to pay off the banks that foolishly lent to greece. instead of getting the banks to shoulder some of the blame and write off some of the loans. so now most of the money owed is to the govts of the eurozone or to the IMF . it was a bad mistake not to let the banks take some losses for their reckless lending to greece. 


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