Eurostar and Eurotunnel services cancelled for the rest of the day | UK news | The Guardian

30 Jun

Eurostar and Eurotunnel services cancelled for the rest of the day | UK news | The Guardian.

i was a bit puzzled why there was this strike by the ferry workers…the comments , an extract i copied here is very enlightening. read to the end, where it is explained why the competition commission forced eurotunnel to sell off the ships and break up the company. i am surprised all this is not mentioned in the article. the background info is very enlightening. businesses can be so devious and convoluted aren’t they?

what is strange (but on second thoughts maybe not so strange) to me is all these companies fighting over to bring in and out goods into uk… the business of moving goods into and out of the uk must be lucrative indeed, when u consider the planes are also doing the same thing and competing with trains(eurotunnel) and ships(the ferry companies) and yet there is enough profits for all of them.

added 12.7.15 friday the french blames british protectionism…accusing thebritish competition commission of continuously defend p&O and block any developent under a french flag. that is why it ruled that eurotunnel’s ownership of 3ferry ships is unfair competition and made eurotunnel sell off 2 ferries to DFDS, the danish operators. that decision was overturned on appeal, but too late to stop the sale of the ferries. looks like there is more than meets the eye… 



When Sea France closed, as there was no other work in Calais the workers used their redundancy money to setup their own company, MyFerryLink. They rented the ships from Eurotunnel and now Eurotunnel have sold the ships to the competition, effectively closing MyFerryLink! This was all done thanks to the British competition authority. So now the French workers have lost their jobs, lost their redundancy money and had their successful business closed down by British. What do you expect them to do? Act like a British worker and lie down while everyone else walks on them?

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    Could they look and see if it is possible to rent some ferries elsewhere.

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    thanks bob for giving the background to all this. it clarifies a lot of things.

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    If it was truly a successful, well-run business they’d presumably have covered this kind of eventuality in their contract with the ships’ owners and/or investigated an alternative supplier. If someone else owns your key asset – one without which you’ve no business – and you’ve not absolutely nailed down the availability of this asset you have failed as a business.

    If you’ve no access to boats you’re not really much of a ferry company!

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    Yes thanks for the background and why isn’t this in the article? If all we learn mainly about the disruption but not the strikers’ grievances, how can we make up our minds?

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    It was deemed a monopoly. Myferrylink only had to detach themselves from Eurotunnel but did not, it was a bogus company



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