back to normal

2 Jul

london 11.20am thursday 2015 21.9C

A nice change from yesterday with things getting back to normal temperature. thank goodness for that!! i like this kind of temperature that i am getting today… and it is going to rain, which is really nice. i guess it is because it is going to rain that the temperatures have come down from the record high yesterday. not for the first time i sing the praises of this english weather, where if we get over 30C temperatures they dont last… this time it lasted 2days. haha.

i guess it is a historic day yesterday, 36.7C the highest july day temperature in london or uk ever since records began, or even before, they say. recalling what it was like yesterday, it was hot, but nothing like a hot day in malaysia really, so all that fuss which in any tropical or desert country would be considered just another day really. sigh the british do like to get excited about their weather.

no, you can tell i am not a fan of such high temperatures. i bet those stuck inside the tube trains will be glad of this respite because i have been reading of how they are in a sauna in those sardine cans that they call tube trains. haha.

the high temperature yesterday did not discomfort me, because i spent it indoors in my flat, where it is a cool 27C all the time. thank goodness for old flats like mine where the walls keep the heat outside from coming in.  

usually when it is high temperature, the pollen count rises and i get hay fever, but those last 2 days it has been a very clean air, with no particulates flying about, so i did not get any hay fever. quite surprising and delightful for me not to have to sniffle and sneeze all the time. now if it carries on like this, with 2 days of high heat, and break it with rainy and cool days it would be my ideal summer. i feel a lot of people in london will like it too, because we wont be tempted to sit out in the sun and get sunburnt red and raw. haha. i have seen quite a number of people with raw red legs walking around. poor them. 

so i have a pleasant two days , and it is nice to get the warm weather, but thank goodness it did not last. nothing is good when it stays around for a long time. 

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