electricity bill 8april -1july2015

9 Jul

london 3.33pm thursday

this is the quarterly bill april-june2015

220 kwh over 85days @ 15.88p/kwh = £34.94

vat @ 5% = £1.75

total £36.69. 

it cost on average 43.16p per day

I use on average 2.588kwh per day

cost  of electricity 16.68p per kwh

it is not quite 3months, which is 91 days usually, this is because np sent a meter man to read the meter on 1july for the first time since they took over supplying me with electricity. in the past i would call them and give them my own reading on the 7th day of the quarterly month.

so when i compare my usage with past periods,  i would take the average daily usage, rather than the actual money cost of the bill. 

there was a note in the bill, telling us how much kwh a television uses. it uses 1kwh in 4hrs viewing. hmm, those of you who like to have the tv on in the background without watching it, or fall asleep with it on, or leave it on accidentally all night may think twice about that. i dont know if new tvs, like the flat screen digital tv i got are more efficient than the old fat tube tvs. i assume they are but i wont bet on it. 

3 Responses to “electricity bill 8april -1july2015”

  1. Sarah M Friday July 10, 2015 at 9:57 am #

    If you leave your stuff on stand-by it still uses electric. I think I read about a quarter of the full amount used just to leave things on standby.

    • alifesgayventure Friday July 10, 2015 at 10:16 am #

      i read of that too, and i unplug most electrical appliances, but unfortunately the fridge cannot be unplugged… so it is always on standby. most of us think it is only electrical appliances, but gas boilers also are affected, because the electric fans in them can come on, even when u have switched off the gas supply to them, without u realising it.


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    […] with last quarter, and the quarter before that and not much has changed. except i noticed in summer months i use slightly less […]

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