no flies yet

11 Jul

london 7.22pm 2015 saturday.

its really very nice weather we are getting in london now, and what surprised me is that there are no flies about, at least where i live in central london.

i wonder why? usually when it is this good , the flies start hatching from  their eggs which have been lying dormant all through winter…and u get a lot of them coming into the flat. but i look around me in my flat and there is no flies at all. not a single one. i daresay having said that i will be proved wrong tomorrow when my place will be invaded with them. haha. but for now i shall enjoy not having them around.

the absence of something is not noticeable, and people tend not to appreciate their absence. for eg i am really very glad that we dont have midges in london. there are tons of them in scotland, poor them. but we in london dont know how fortunate we are that we dont have them.

this also applies to good health, when we are healthy we dont think of it, and never pause to consider it and reallly appreciate it. it is only when we get ill, and than we appreciate its absence. then we look back on those days when we are well and realise how much we like those days and wished we were more appreciative of it. and then we get well, and promptly forget all about appreciating our good health. we start taking it for granted. haha. 

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