RIBA Stirling Prize 2015 shortlist announced ‹ Reader — WordPress.com

16 Jul

RIBA Stirling Prize 2015 shortlist announced ‹ Reader — WordPress.com.

its always fascinating to see how an architect tries to maximise the river views and interior of luxury tower blocks, and this complex the neo towers near the tate modern makes me wonder if style has overtaken function.

the external struts dont really improve the look and also obstructs the view. just look at that strut running right across the window in that idealised artist view.

also putting the lifts outside is a mistake. lifts should be as unobstrusive as possible, tucked away somewhere u dont notice. the only time it is put to good use is in the tower blocks of flats in some council estate. haha. or in the low rise blocks in the churchill estate in pimlico. in this case, it would merely bring to the residents and visitors that the lifts have the best views and they will be terribly disappointed , made more so by being enticed with the nice views from the lifts, when they enter the flats and find no river views at all. ha.

though it might be that there is no way any more flats can be built to have river views and so this external lift at least allows as many people who live there as possible to enjoy the river views, even if only fleetingly as they move up and maybe make them linger at the top.

interestingly there is no link in the riba website to one of the contenders…darbyshire place, whitechapel,its an extension building in  a peabody estate. i give u the link here. would be interested in the flat plans.

i got a leaflet sent to me saying the millbank tower near the tate britain is seeking planning permission to change its use to flats, a hotel, and something else. i have lost that leaflet. but they are having a public showing on 20th and 21 july from 2pm-8pm. i will go just to be nosy and see what their plans are like for the flats. they would have fab river views.

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