19 Jul

london 6.12am sunday 2015 16.8C cloudy

recently there has been quite a bit about reddit. its strange i read about it but did not occur to me to actually go into their website and see what the website do. well last night i had nothing else to do, and i decided to go in. i was pleasantly surprised. if u want to while away a few hours , you cant do better than go there.

you know of those days when u want to read something but have finished all the newspapers online, and there is nothing new to read, and you dont feel like reading any novels in your kindle,(and everyone should know by now that u dont have to buy a kindle gadget to read kindle books. i am reading kindle books from my chromebook) and you have read all the posts in your wordpress reader, i recommend going into reddit. haha.

it has a huge range of topics with comments. and no adverts. i cant see how they make their money, the people who own reddit. they dont ask for subscription, i was able to read it without any popups saying sign up or else!! (unless maybe i have signed up but dont realise it…)

there was certainly no pressure to log on or anything. maybe it was because i never made any attempt to comment, that is why.

if i had wanted to put in my 2p worth , than i guess they will ask me to log on, or register.

its whole existence seems like a throwback to those good ol days of the internet when it was young, and carefree… when it has not been commercialised with popups and intrusive hard sell.

Added, i went in to the redditblog just now and saw a post saying it is 10yrs old. and gave a list of popular posts. imagine, 10 yrs it has been around and it has gone under my radar all this time.

Added interesting that now i am googling reddit, i find more stories of it. here is one about a guy who posted something there and it got viral, resulting in the real world making him an offer


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