the pimlico-nine elms bridge

23 Jul

london 1.09pm thursday 2015 cloudy 20.9C

i went today to vote for one of the designs for the pedestrian and cyclist bridge, but i did not like any of the designs. and what’s more, i asked who is funding it, and was told wandsworth council has offered to pay  £26million (the total cost is about £40million. i had thought it was to be totally privately funded, by those luxury flat developers.) but get this… westminster council is against it and will not pay anything. well, that is a surprise. so my council is not wanting it. and when u think of it, we living on the north bank will get nothing … no benefits out of it, and pimlico will be worst off with hordes of cyclists making rat runs through their residential streets.

before the idea was mooted to have this bridge, we might consent to it if vauxhall bridge has not had been made cyclist friendly with a big cyclist lane being constructed now … but now it has, and so i think the arguement for a separate bridge is lost. so i just told them in the questionnaire, that i dont like any of their choices and i dont think i want a bridge.

the latter is made easier because of the former, if they had got a really wonderful design i might have voted to have it.

it is still possible that westminster council will kill the bridge by not giving building consent. it would depand on how many people support this bridge. and allready there is a strong movement by pimlico st georges residents to stop it.

well, it is strange, i went in thinking of voting for one of the designs and left completely against the bridge. how many people will also feel like that when they actually see the bridge designs?

added. a westminster spokes person suggested a better idea would be to build a cyclist bridge alongside the railway bridge that is next to battersea bridge. that sounds more like it. someone said the bridge will siphon off cycling traffic away from vauxhall bridge road, it is a good thing, so vauxhall bridge wont be so crowded; but maybe not having it so close to the vauxhall bridge will force the cyclist not to converge on that area and find another bridge to cross.

i think cycling is so popular because the tubes fares are so expensive. if u live in zone 1 or 2, it is cheaper and costs practically nothing to ride your bike into town for the daily commute.

added 24.7.15 i have been following the talk in a pimlico site about the bridge, and someone made a calculation of how much council tax wandsworth council will get once all those flats are built. that person says there will be 20,000 flats. he made a calculation of £130 a flat, and says in 10yrs council would have got that £26million. that does not sound right so i went into google and asked what is the figure for  wandsworth’s band H, (for flats over £380,000, and it is the highest band) and it is £1360 a year. and i calculate that it will make £27million for wandsworth in 1yr.

well, well, well, when u see those figures u know all is explained.

haha truly that guy who says follow the money is damn right. and that is not even counting the businesses and the usa embassy and how many other embassies that will relocate there.  wandsworth is up for a huge bonanza of money coming its way, a veritable waterfall of dosh. 

added 25.11.15 the winner is here 


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