Newspaper headlines: Middle class drink ‘epidemic’, aid ‘giveaway’ and a galactic cousin – BBC News

24 Jul

Newspaper headlines: Middle class drink ‘epidemic’, aid ‘giveaway’ and a galactic cousin – BBC News.

the front pages of all the newspapers in uk at one go. gives u an idea of what people are talking about.

the bbc website gives such a comprehensive news coverage, and all free.

as for middle aged alcoholics, it does not surprise me . i have noticed the british drink alcohol without meals. it is a british phenomenon. other places associate wine or beer drinking with meals, but not the british. i think it is the pub syndrome. people are used to drinking without any food in pubs. so when the wine industry makes it popular, it is quite a easy thing to add wine to the beer and carry on.

it is a fact that i have found out myself that there is nothing to spend money on really when you grow older.  most of the middle aged are lucky to have bought their houses cheap, before the big boom in prices so their mortgages are small in relation to their income. and the children are all grown up, and there are only so much u can spend on holidays or eating out. in my case, i  dont drink nor smoke and sometimes wonder what i am saving my money for haha.

if i were a drinker i might just spend it on drinks, might as well get some pleasure in life since we are all going to die anyway. haha. so i am not surprised if a middle aged person just quietly drink away. instead what i do is drink a lot of tea.  i figured if i have to pick up a drinking habit i might as well chose drinking tea, without suger or milk.

when u are middle aged, there is nothing that gives more pleasure than drinking.

2 Responses to “Newspaper headlines: Middle class drink ‘epidemic’, aid ‘giveaway’ and a galactic cousin – BBC News”

  1. Sarah M Friday July 24, 2015 at 9:18 am #

    Yeah I read this article too. I think it may have more to do with a lot of middle-aged people being frustrated with their lives and drinking to forget how miserable they are.

    • alifesgayventure Friday July 24, 2015 at 9:28 am #

      hmm, i know some of them, and they are not disappointed at their life. they actually are very smug that their life has turned out so smug. haha. that is also my impression, that the middle aged really are very happy at how their life turned out. we are talking of the middle class … they are worried about their children not being able to buy their own home, or job prospects for them, but in terms of their own lives, they are really very happy about it. i think they drink because there really is nothing much to do at that time of their lives. they have done it all, travel, food, hobbies, shopping, luxuries, and find it wanting. and having lived that long, they figured they might as well indulge and if they die at 70 instead of 90, they die happy. haha.

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