‘Cassie’s law’: 609 drivers lose licence after tougher police power on eye tests | UK news | The Guardian

26 Jul

‘Cassie’s law’: 609 drivers lose licence after tougher police power on eye tests | UK news | The Guardian.

people who fail their eye tests will lose their license, and this will affect older drivers. it came about because of a 87yr old who killed someone whilst driving. in uk, u can drive even if u are very old without having to sit a periodical driving test. i think it is a way for the govt to force old drivers off the road. many are a danger to the public but refuse to acknowledge their failing bodies and still think their reaction is good. all those accidents caused by someone hitting the accelerator instead of the brakes… should be banned from driving for life. it is a sign that person is losing his facillities.

this is another reason not to live in the country to retire , everyone who does have to drive, because u have to rely  on a car.

now there is a strong chance u will lose your license and it will be a disaster for you if u live alone in the country. so live in a town or city and find a city with good bus services.

in the long run i think this is a good rule, it will make old people make choices that dont lead them to an accident one day with their car and will make them give up driving.

i know at first glance this rule might seem to be unfair on the old, but so many old people still think they are young and alert and in full control when they are not. and they are stubborn, they wont give up the car until they are forced to do so, sometimes they will still drive after an accident, because they will insist it is not their fault.

i have long ago given up my car, as it is silly to maintain and  drive one in london. i know my reaction times are slowing, and would have given up the car now even if i have one still. i dont want to wait for an accident where i kill someone to give up driving.


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