Apple not immune as new virus spreads

6 Aug

Apple not immune as new virus spreads.

seems this is a worm that is cooked up by researchers, to show it can be done. and spread by plugging in accessories, rather than infected emails, or via a website.

i think the future must be the google chrome model, where u dont plug in anything to the gadget because it is all operated via the cloud. and it is easier to monitor the cloud for malware, and to correct it centrally. it also means if the laptop is stolen, all your data is safe and recoverable, as they are all in the cloud. u just lose a cheap gadget which wont be of use to anyone if u have passport protect it. that means no one will want to steal it, in the first place.

that is why i dont really have to bother with antivirus safeguards. if there is any virus or worm in the program and  i try to click onto, the chrome blocks me from getting it, saying it is an unsafe thingy, and that is that, i cannot download it.

even with wifi it can refuse to connect to any that it thinks is dubious. to me, it means i cannot get online at that area, but then who cares, i dont. haha. i dont mind not being online all the time when i am out and about in town. at home i have my own broadband, so i can be online whenever i like.

i think that must be the future way of doing things.

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