Trafalgar Square public toilet charge to be introduced – BBC News

11 Aug

Trafalgar Square public toilet charge to be introduced – BBC News.

2.32pm tuesday

the toilets at trafalgar square have always been free , but if this report is correct, it wont be for long. what i did not know is that the cafe on the other side of the stairs are free to customers. i did not even know they have toilets there. so the authorities think that it will drive traffic to that cafe if they make the free toilet cost 20p a pee. haha. it might, but for us savvy people, we can still go to toilets in the national gallery and the portrait gallery , and the st martin in the fields crypt toilets are free. these toilets are nearby so not a long walk away from trafalgar square. there is a urinal also near the oscar wilde statue that is across the street opposite charing cross station.

no not a lot of changes or inconvenience if the trafalgar square toilets have to be paid for.

i think the leicester square toilets being unfree, is more of an inconvenience when it happened and it was  quite a few years ago that it became unfree, so most of us have adjusted to it. there are no free toilets near there.

the burgerking long ago started to put in a turnstile and charge their customers so no free toilet there.  though of course you just have to hold it in for the short walk to the national gallery nearby. trouble starts late at night when the national gallery is closed. though i hope that they will install open air urinals, like they did near that oscar wilde statue, and once, i saw they did that at the corner of old compton st and wardour st. in soho. that one seems to come and go in summer. some years it appears, other years it does not.

its a pity that so many of these toilets are now money needed. i guess it is inevitable, as they must cost money to maintain. but for us men, as long as u carry around with u an empty bottle, we should be okay. or even if u dont, because it will just mean u can piss anywhere against a wall. though it might splash back at you… ho ho. or in a potted plant. haha. i think the women will have more cause to complain. ah well, it is the cost of maintainance and all that which makes free toilets a dying convenience. haha. get it? a convenience that is no longer a convenience.

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