dancing and walking

12 Aug

london 5.58pm 23.4C sunny wednesday 2015

i am lying in my bed looking out of the window at the setting sun over the luxury block of flats across the way. two trees are blocking the way with their foliage, these trees being part of the wayside trees that line the roads around here. it is very pleasant and peaceful and very nice. i was thinking i could be on holiday here, instead i live here. haha.

i suppose plenty of people would love to be me, spending their holiday in london. Whilst people here dream of a holiday abroad. haha. everyone dreaming of going anywhere but where they are. but not me. i am very happy to be here. and since i dont work, this place has an air of me being on holiday anyway.

it is the holiday period now, and i notice it because i was earlier in the sports complex, and on entering it, i can over look the swimming pool and there were hardly anyone there.

now that school is closed the swimming pool is not full of student groups using the pool. there was only  some families with young children playing about . and the adult section of the lane swimming is also quiet, with hardly any adults swimming. there was no one in the changing room when i entered it, and the showers were empty too, with only one kid there when i entered , soon followed by his dad.

maybe august is a quiet time in london, even the primary school opposite my flat is dead… the school yard empty and quiet, without any school children making a noise while they played.

i think even the traffic is less, without all those school trips by the mothers ferrying their kids about. and hardly any kids on the buses too. quite blissful really when i come to think of it.

even the news is subdued, the lack of drama being evident when there is no big headlines to grab attention. some talk of china devalueing its remimbi, and trying to gain advantage from the $ by doing that, and giving every economy in the asian region a cold. haha. all their stock exchanges going down as a result.

and another batch of tube strikes in london, at the end of this month. with the strikers aiming for maximum disruption by striking on two days, a day apart. tough on the businesses that rely on the nighttime trade. london can be a ghost town on those strike nights. i think if they were to ask londoners if they want a 24 hr tube service over the weekend, and have these strikes and have to pay higher fares as a result, i think a lot would say forget it, and lets just have the night buses instead.

and to top it all, we read that nightclubbing is on the decline. i myself dont go clubbing , unlike in my young days when hi -energy music makes it so danceable,and when pubs are forced to close at 11pm, the only way to continue is to go to a club.

i thought it was just me , who am not going clubbing but it seems the younger generation are also not doing it.

i am really glad i came out  during the 80s and 90s, when clubbing and dancing were so enjoyable, (because the music was so danceable) and everyone was doing it; fond memories i got of those times. the young nowadays dont  seem to have as much fun as us it seems. 

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