As Barcelona has found, it’s possible for a city to have too many tourists – Comment – Voices – The Independent

13 Aug

As Barcelona has found, it’s possible for a city to have too many tourists – Comment – Voices – The Independent.

this ask whether cities can be too touristy. maybe small ones like barcelona can be inundated, so much so that the locals feel crowded out. but in london i dont think so. only yesterday the part where i live felt quiet, since the school holidays are here and the places i frequent, the sports centre, library, supermarkets, buses, even the street traffic, feel empty. and i live in the centre, the area between the tate britain and victoria station. here we have tourists but they dont overwhelm us locals. quite a different picture if u go to whitehall, soho, oxford street, picadilly circus. or in trendy shoreditch, camden or whatever. haha.

so perhaps i am just lucky to be living in a central area that is not touristy. but london is big, and so there are lots of these non touristy places than u might think, even in the centre of london.

i think london is big enough so that locals mostly deal with locals and dont get the tourists forming the majority. in fact, i think london would welcome more of them, tourists i mean, at least the night clubs must be eager to have them, because they might be the only ones keeping the nightlife busy, seeing the local young people are shunning night clubbing, if the reports of the demise of nightclubs is anything to go by.

and needless to say all the eating places will welcome more tourists. if i am typical of locals, we eat in so they are not going to have our custom that much to sustain a profitable business if they only rely on us, locals. it is the tourists that are willing/forced to eat out.

of course, when i say tourists, i dont only mean those coming from overseas, a brit coming from outside london is also a tourist as far as i am concerned. so even a commuter living in the suburbs, or a out of town visitor,coming into town to work or visit, is a tourist too, as far as those attractions and businesses in the centre are concerned. they will be spending in their shops.

maybe there are so few of us living in the centre of town, so there are not enough of us to  put pressure to restrict the tourists. and if they are like me, living in the many small pockets of relative calm in the centre, there will be even less pressure to restrict the numbers of tourists.

barcelona is small, and many of the locals live in the centre, as it has no vast sprawling suburbs, so i guess the locals must feel bothered and obstructed in their daily routines going about their lives by tourists. they might be wise not to protest too much. it is not that long ago that barcelona was a quiet backwater where no one goes.

added. i read a comment made by someone about venice, and that reminded me that actually venice is a far better example of how a city can be swamped with tourists. but i think venice is unique, no other city i know has her situation and circumstances.


2 Responses to “As Barcelona has found, it’s possible for a city to have too many tourists – Comment – Voices – The Independent”

  1. Sarah M Thursday August 13, 2015 at 8:53 am #

    Yeah Venice is unique in that there is nobody living there who isn’t a tourist or somebody working in tourism.
    I’m getting increasingly annoyed by the tourists in London actually. If you try to get anywhere that involves going through Victoria station, or Westminster, or South Bank there are so many people now. Dawdling along hogging the entire pavement; there should be a faster overtaking lane on the pavements. And don’t get me started on those damn selfie sticks.

    • alifesgayventure Thursday August 13, 2015 at 9:01 am #

      ya, venice is like a disney world, but it is real. or as real as we can be sure of in life.
      funny i dont seem to get that experience with tourist like u have, but i think it is because i am quite oblivious to these things. my mind is quite good at that. blot out things that are not important. i am quite good at that, i notice now that i can look back on my life and spot things that i have not been aware of at the time. i think it is a skill that should be taught to every child.

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