Comedian Matt Lucas calls the BBC ‘pathetic’ after Newsnight’s Evan Davis claims Tinder ‘allows straight people to act like gay men’ – People – News – The Independent

14 Aug

Comedian Matt Lucas calls the BBC ‘pathetic’ after Newsnight’s Evan Davis claims Tinder ‘allows straight people to act like gay men’ – People – News – The Independent.

all evan said was that tindr will enable straight men to act like gays. its true. though whether there are any women in tindr to cater to them is another matter. they all might want to act like gay men, but because the women dont play ball they can all whistle for that and much good it will do them. haha.

i get the impression straight men are monogamous because they dont have many chances of being promiscuous, without having to pay through the nose for it. haha.

by pay i mean either in cash, or in kind. (to me the most extreme payment and the most costly is marriage) i dont know about u but are there any women who will put out for free, no strings attach, just for the fun of having sex? i doubt it. whereas there are plenty of men who would do it for free . and that is the greatness of being gay…

people might say it is propagating a stereotype that gay men are promiscuous, but as in all stereotype, there is some truth in it. some gay men are promiscuous, i would even go further and say most gay men are promiscuous at some stage of their lives… we got the opportunity that is why.

i cant say what it is like with straight men, as i have no experience of what straight men go through, i suspect straight men would like to be more promiscuous but they cannot find any women to do it with, unless they pay for it, with cash or in kind, and many may not be rich enough. whilst gay men dont have to be rich to get lots of sex, there are lots of other men willing to oblige for free. that is what is so nice about being gay. haha.

evan davis is my contemporary, i have socialised with him, so his views are very much what people like me hold and we dont think it is controversial, it is what it is. maybe nowadays gay men are not so promiscuous, who knows, this new generation of so called millenials are all tugged one way and another, what with gay marriage, monogamy and wanting to have children and society telling them it is a good thing to aim for, and on the other hand the easy availability of sex with other men, so it is very tempting. haha.

my generation of gays just dont think of having those things(marriage etc) at all.

in fact to many of us, though i might be wrong but i doubt it,we think marriage, and children and all that is too conformist and are shackles made by society to tie men down.

u can call me a dinosaur if u like, a gay man living and having ideas that are real old fashioned and out of date. but we grew up thinking that, and glad to be gay because of that, we dont have to toe the straight line.

evan also said this about drugs and gay men, that we do them because we dont have wives and kids to look after and so we can be irresponsible. i agree with his assessment too, u dont have to condone it, but it is a common perception amongst us gays of a certain age group, we think it is true.

we know that not all drugs are that bad. i mean poppers is quite safe. of course we ( i dont mean me, haha, i am one of the few who can take it or leave it, but i use the we as a generic we) get addicted to it, but then so can we be addicted to alcohol, and cigarettes.

we hear of those addicts who have lost control, but there are plenty who have kept it under leash. and we dont hear of them so never realise there are plenty of those around. i

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