First ‘cyber-flashing’ case probed by transport police

14 Aug

First ‘cyber-flashing’ case probed by transport police.

this one is new, to me and to everyone else it seems. someone can send u lewd pictures without u even knowing who it is and that person can be very near you too. how can it be? hmm, someone can track you and find you when they see you in real life, and know your identity from your phone. is that how it is done? or is someone just sending random rude pictures to addresses he sees nearby, not knowing who it is that receives them and relying on looking at people around him to see how they reacte …to find out the identity of that person. i wonder if she had her tindr on haha, and that is how she is found. so no mystery there.

somehow getting rude pics is so normal when u have a smartphone, at least that is the impression i got from what i hear of smartphones, that i forgot that there are people who will be upset at receiving it. it is like me having a laptop , it is so normal at least in my experience, to get rude pictures that i take it as part of being online… haha. it is like getting spam, you laugh , delete and block it and think no more of it.

Crighton-Smith received the images via Apple’s ‘Airdrop’ file-sharing system, which is specific to iOS and Mac devices and works via Bluetooth. It is possible to set it so that you cannot receive messages from strangers but Crighton-Smith had not done so.

the curious thing is that the advise is to save the pics and report to police, but why not tell them how to set it so u dont receive messages from strangers? problem solved right? but i guess it is too simple a solution.

added. 10.09am, this link tells more of how this comes about and how u can change the setting to block strangers.


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