Flooding hits southern England after torrential rain and storms – ITV News

14 Aug

Flooding hits southern England after torrential rain and storms – ITV News.

the weather forecast have been predicting this and i see from the video it really is happening, in south england.

but  my personal experience of it, has been quite an ordinary rainy day, and only in the morning. but i think that is because i missed the worse of it.

it confirms to me that one person can have very different experience of what a majority of others going through the same thing at the same time.

i can well believe someone having a great war, whilst others suffer terribly. or did not notice anything whilst mayhem is all around him.

i was in the library and the reading room is rather cocooned from the outside weather. i only realised it has been raining heavily when i was about to leave the library and saw some of the heavy rain, and even then it was allready abating, when i got out of the library. so the whole weather thing passed me by. haha.

i like to think that my soul wants it, because that is what i would like. i have no wish to be hit by this heavy storm, so there!! so i would like to think that my soul engineered it so that i am indoors busy reading the papers and surfing the internet and charging my chrome book and cosy and dry in the library rather than outside when the worse of the weather hit london.

i wanted to go to morrisons, because i wanted to buy pork. i had wanted to buy pork and had been surfing the supermarkets online, looking for the best deal, and found out in the internet that morrisons are selling shoulder pork for £2/kg. usually i go to asda, as they sell for £2.50 /kg the last time i looked , but this morning when i checked, they were selling pork for £2.88/kg. so i was rather glad that morrisons are selling it cheaper.

sometimes the papers got adverts featuring these good deals in pork , but not today. here is where the internet is so useful, u can get a complete info on the prices of it with all the major supermarkets.

(added. 11.19am friday 14.8.15 am in the library and saw an advert of this pork price in morrisons in the daily mail today. it says it is leg of pork , not shoulder. the picture is misleading, it shows such minimal fat, when actually there is a big lump of fat in my purchase.

so off i went to catch the bus 36, which came just when i arrived at the bus stop. talk about good timing.

the pork is good, though they always add a slab of skin with its fat over the whole, as it is meant to be roasted and that lump of fat and skin is necessary to produce crackling. for my purpose, to stir fry, i dont really welcome that slab of skin/fat. i find it one of the disadvantages of buying these meats tied with string and meant for roasting. they always add that skin/fat layer. but i deal with it by cutting it  finely and frying it and so make crackling which i use to garnish my stir fry. fried pork skin is delicious and have a great texture. sometimes it might be better to buy a smaller pack, then it is not tied up with string, and is perfect for stir fry. the more expensive cuts will have less fat. but even then, the more expensive cuts are £3/kg, not a lot more expensive really. with shoulder pork, it is cheaper than leg pork, for some reason. dont know why, but here in uk, that is the convention. i think shoulder pork is really suited to stir fry as it has a bit of fat in it… leg pork can be very lean, too lean as fat is needed to really add flavour.

i cut the pork into portions and freeze them. today it make 3 packs in the freezer plus another portion which i left out to cook today.

anyway, i got the pork and then decided to not go to aldi to get their special 6 deals which start today. they got tomatoes, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, in fact all the 6 for 29p each, and all i dont mind buying, such good value.  instead i decided to go to brixton and buy ginger, as i was running out. i wanted chili too, but it was a really small pack size they got for chilli, so i did not buy it.

this summer chillis are really in short supply. i wonder why? someone is buying it in bulk, i think.

i really do enjoy shopping for groceries, i dont know why people dont like to do it. maybe i seek out bargains and so it makes for a nice feeling of buying bargains. haha. it is the thrifty nature of mine being satisfied. i make a game oout of it. it is like foraging, the modern day equivalent of finding food in the wild, except here it is in the different supermarkets and local markets.

added. i was frying the pork pieces and simon noticed me doing it and asked me what i was doing so i told him. afterwards i put the crackling onto paper towels to drain, and then simon poured some of the oil left over into a pan to fry eggs with. i said it is very fatty, but he said he dont mind so i left him to it.

later, when i came back to the kitchen, i saw he had completely used up all the fat in the saucepan and cleaned that pan.he normally never cleans the pan, so i wish he did not feel like washing up that day and throwing away my fat in the pan. i think he did it out of good intentions, thinking to save me the trouble of washing up the fatty pan. but i dont appreciate it haha.  sometimes when u want them to do things they dont do it, than when u wish they did not, they do. bother really. haha. or if they do it they do it all wrong. haha. it is because he does not understand what the things i do, and what i can use later. to him the fat is a waste product to be thrown away… ah people, what do they know of life. eh?

but i dont say anything, because it is done with good intentions and it is not wise to let the other person know it is not appreciated and that they are doing it all wrong.

ah, sometimes people dont know what is good to use … simon did not realise that i would save the fat for cooking later. instead he used it in an inappropriate way, frying eggs in that fat will make the eggs really very gellid.(trying to find a word to describe that taste of food cooked with too much fat, but cannot find that word) and then he throws all the remaining fat away… typical of western wasteful ways i silently thought. i kept quiet of course, as the damage is done, but it just confirms me that ignorance can be a really wasteful thing..

all you people with your thinking of stopping waste, and going sometimes to strange extremes in false belief that u are saving things, and being frugal , and all with good intentions;  when all the time u are wasting things and not realising it.

but i must say simon does some things better than me. like that time he removed the huge amount of ice that formed all on the sides and top of the freezer section. it was so much it reduced the amount of stuff we can put in it. i asked him later how he did it, because i thought i would like to learn to do it in future, but he must have thought it a easy thing to do, because he could not describe what he did, just saying use hot water and a knife.


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