the die is cast

15 Aug

london 12.43pm sunny saturday 2015

i have just been on my talk talk internet and phone provider and asked them to change me to the broadband only plan. that is £5 a month plus line rental of £16.70 a month. so i guess u could say just to be connected to the internet i am paying £21.70. (actually if u pay a year in advance, that line rental is reduced by 10%). is a website that tells me i can get online with them for £20 a month. so the prices to  get online is narrowing with landline connnections. 

it means i will be leaving their tv and phone calls package with free broadband, and subscribing to broadband only.

this is a package i would normally have taken many years ago when i first joined talktalk.( i think i joined about 5 yrs ago so i am a long standing customer) i joined them for their free broadband, but have to take their package because it came only with the package of free phone calls at weekends and evenings.

gradually they introduced a tv package, which i was not really interested in until last year when they gave me a youview box and that really did change things.

for the first time i could get hi-definition tv on my screen. but that contract has expired recently and they have raised their fees a lot so i decided to take the basic package where broadband is not free but paid for at £5 a month.

it is cheaper than their all- in package.

at first, i thought the speed might slow down, but on second thoughts i dont think so. 

i wonder whether talktalk may struggle to retain people as they dont have sports to entice them to stay. i hope not as i like their services and they do go the extra to keep their long standing customers like me.

they have netflik, and now- tv and pay- as- u -watch movies… so those who used to rely on hiring dvds may find them useful. i dont watch paid movies, so that function is not something that would keep me attracted. what else can they do to keep us? 

it is the broadband that is the major attraction for me. and it allows me to keep this landline. but i am beginning to see that even that is not going to be enough to let me hang on to the landline.  if i can find a provider that lets me have broadband without paying a landline rental, and is cheaper than what i am paying now i shall move over, and let go of the landline number.

but with my new contract of 18months (a long time to be tied in) i shall carry on with my landline for that length of time.

it is purely sentimental reasons when it comes to keeping that landline number. i get quite attached to that number. it is one of those things i suppose, i had it a long time, like 25yrs. 

nowadays hardly anyone make calls on landlines anymore. even me who is quite backward at taking up technology makes my calls on my mobile now. it is cheaper at 8p a call and 4p a text. landline calls are very expensive nowadays.

i have not found anyone who had revert back to ordinary broadband from their essential package. so dont know what to expect. i daresay very few people will go back. certainly i am a pioneer here, and lets see what happens, shall we? 

added 16.5.15 7.45am sunday , as usual i started getting adverts for talk talk appearing on my webpages, and i see there is one where they are giving away free simplebroadband package, like the one i changed into , free for 18months and then £5 afterwards. wish i knew about it before, i wonder if it is possible to get it . though i must say i really might not bother to call them back as i am quite happy with the contract. 

added 16.8.15 8.16am what a glad happening. i called talktalk, just of the offchance i might be able to get that free deal, after all , if u dont ask u dont get, and was prepared to accept it if they say sorry u cannot get that. but guess what? they told me i can get it. it seems the £5 they charged me was because of a international call boost of £5 which they say i had on my old plan. it was not for the simplybroadband plan at all. (the original guy who dealt with me did not say that… well, i suppose if they are working on a commission, it is hardly expected that he will, not to mention there must be incentives to try to make it unattractive so that i stay on my essential tv/phone package. well, i did not want that international boost anyway. i get it free in my previous package.  so now she had cancelled that, and so i can get the simple broadband free for 18months, i just need to pay the rental charge which i pay yearly in advance anyway, and which expires in oct 17,2015

what a happy thing to happen. haha. 

wow, this is better than i expected. nice and there is no tied down after the 18months either. i am glad i got that advert sent to me … people complain that google will use information on you and send you adverts that might be of interest, and that it is an invasion of privacy; well here is one time when it is very useful. if i had not known of this free offer i would never have called them back. and what’s more, they credit me with £3.50 to cover their charging me £8.50 next month as they say there is a 1month delay in implementing the £5 simplybroadband plan. so i asked them to take that back as i wont need it anymore, but she said it has been credited and they cannot take it back. haha. 


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