TalkTalk SimplyBroadband

16 Aug

TalkTalk SimplyBroadband.

hi guys, those in the uk, this is a great offer. i recently changed my package to this one, not realising they have this free 18month offer. i thought i was committed to paying £5 a month, but decided to call them and ask anyway on the off chance that i might be able to get it… and when i called back and asked them if i could still get it, even though i am a long standing customer of talk talk, they said yes i could. isn’t it great! it is not often that a company will let their regular customers take these offers meant to entice new customers. but their wording says for new simplybroadband customers, and i am a new subscriber as i had their essentials package before and decided to move to simplybroadband because it is simpler.

this is interesting, i went back into that link i gave up there where i saw that free offer, but it is gone. it has not expired, because i remember it gave a date in sept when it expires. maybe they are realising it is an offer too good. added. it has come back, but without the ‘for new simplybroadband subscribers’. i guess they realise it is not something they want to encourage their long time customers to switch over from whatever plan they allready have.

added. i may have spoken too soon, even though i was told the simplybroadband package will be free, i got a email from them saying it is not, but they have given me a free call plan for 18months. i dont want a free call plan, as i dont make calls on the phone. ah well, lets see what actually happens when i get my first new bill.

added. i have a look at their past emails telling me of my account changes, and it looks like i have got the free deal, they call it a free call plan. last time when i got a half price essentials package, they called it a halfprice call plan.

i think let me give a bit of perspective to this… the line rental is £16.70 a month. that is £200 a year. it has gone up over the years from something like £10 a month.  if someone is not making any calls or getting any package, it is that much just to keep a landline going. that is why i think the companies should be adding free broadband as standard to all landlines. that way people wont cancel their landline and get rid of it entirely and go to websites which sell you broadband without a landline, so dont have to pay line rental. those use 4G and are very fast. in fact, that is the only way to get fast broadband, as landlines are limited by the speed of the copper wires that carry the last stage of the internet into each home.  the future will be all homes will have internet connection, and everyone will want fast broadband and the speed can only be raised by 4G, not landlines. so companies that are landline based must keep thinking up new addition packages that people will want, just to prevent them abandoning their landline alltogether.

added. 18.8.17 i renewed my yearly line rental, i opt to pay it yearly in advance instead of monthly and got a 10% discount. it is £180.36. £15 a month.

the yearly line rental for 2013 for my landline phone  was £115.64, for 2014 it was £122.84, for 2015 it was £ 140, now for  2016 it is £180. hmm, a big jump this year but offset by my not having to pay a rental for the broadband, which would cost £60 for a year.

i see lots of adverts now from the other companies, offering free broadband for a year.only talk talk gives u free broadband contract for 18months. for me it is good, to be able to get it free for 18months, as i intend to stay with talktalk anyway.

it may be one day it becomes too high for me to retain a landline just to get broadband.

i think in future they will have to include free broadband to the line rental and i think could gradually increase the line rental up to as much as £20 a month, and people like me will still stay on;  otherwise people will just abandon the landline and go 4G.

added. i am now seeing adverts from plusnet offering the same thing, except theirs is free for 12months, afterwards pay £10 a month, line rental must be paid.  not such a good deal as talktalk.

added. 21.8.15 friday. i got my talktalk telephone bill today, and it is true. they have given me free broadband, and i even got a credit on the account of £3.78. brilliant.

added. 20.10.15 recently they told me they are going to increase the broadband plan from £5 to £7.50 and i thought i have to pay that extra £2.50, but i got the bill today, the first month of the new rate, and i still dont have to pay it. that is great. 

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