Tinder and Hookup-Culture Promotion | Vanity Fair

16 Aug

Tinder and Hookup-Culture Promotion | Vanity Fair.

so this is the tindr article in vanity fair that was the cause of all the hoo haaa . finally i got to read it. can any of u access it too? i could, so far they have not insisted on a sign up .

after reading it, i can understand why evan davis said it is like straight men have found out what gay men have always known and many of us have done haha. it is like they have found the candy store. haha. this kind of hookup is always good for the men, not sure what the women can take from it. it will destroy their reputation, and you might say how old fashioned, but there is that double standard that is specifically applied to women. society does judge a women who puts out so easily in a different way from a man who does the same. it calls the man a casanova, the woman a slut.

when it is man and man sex, or woman and woman sex, this double standard finds it hard to gain traction. the context just weakens, u cannot sustain calling one guy a slut, and the other in the same relationship as a casanova. it just does not work. or in a lesbian sex context, it sounds silly to call both of them sluts… know what i mean?

historically women and society has frowned on women giving it away free… you know that thing called sex , give away to all and sundry and free… it makes marriage and children kind of unattractive. that is why the married women frown on the single ones who gives out freely, to them they are stealing their men folk away from the straight and narrow path of husbandhood, and fatherhood. that is why society really hates adultery. it undermines the family and marriage.

i think what tindr is so afraid of, and that is why its rebuttal is so shrill, is that it is afraid those women who really are looking for social relationships might be put off joining tindr and it gradually gets invaded by men who are just predatory , interested only in sex on tap with the smaller and smaller number of women who are willing to oblige, as those who are just looking for friendship and social interactions stop joining as tindr gets a name for itself as only for easy women.

what do u think, is my analysis correct?

it will be like a pub, where any women there are viewed as being easy.

tindr will be afraid that it will be full of men on the prowl.

added. i wonder when they changed tindr to tinder. and has grindr changed to grinder too? maybe not, we gays dont have to change it. haha.

i wonder whether the tindr people who started it might be thinking of it being a lesbian equivalent of grindr, hoping to attract women to the site. because any site that has a huge numbers of women on it is the holy grail of trafficfest. and maybe it did work and so many women joined and it then made a name for itself but gradually i think they found that the dynamics changed when more men got attracted to it and those men want some action, which lesbians obviously wont give them. i bet the founders would love it if it attracts bisexuals of both sexes and it becomes a playground for contacts of all sexualities.


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