Why the British nightclub is dying (by a nightclub owner) – Telegraph

17 Aug

Why the British nightclub is dying (by a nightclub owner) – Telegraph.

normally i dont link to the telegraph, because they have a quota each month and if u exceed it, you are shut out of the website and cannot read anything there. but this one is a nightclub owner giving his views to why nightclubs are reducing in numbers. hope that u do get to be able to read it. it is interesting that this article do not appear in the printed newspaper that i read in the library.

he says when nightclubs shut, they are not replaced. that venues nightclub license is removed. i take it that means if anyone wants to set another nightclub in the same place, they have to apply anew for a license and it is not guaranteed that license will be automatically given. he thinks the authorities, namely the police,won’t mind if nightclubs shut down because they are places with crime and drugs ( a great place for drug dealers to get customers)and trouble spots; he might be right there.

it might be it is related to the 2nd reason he cited, gentrification. he is right that council wants to shut down nightclubs but more for its development potential and the money they can get  if flats are built, the council can get council tax  revenues directly from them, and indirectly from businesses that set up there. they dont get paid directly with business rates , the council do not get that , but the govt gets it and redistributes it to councils. also many nightclubs are in run down areas, and so council would be glad to have a developer smarten it up. and then like he said the new flat owners dont like the noise from the nightclubs and so petition to have it lose its license.

i think gentrification is the biggest factor in why nightclubs are reducing. the other factor is people’s clubbing habits have changed.

nightclub owners will have to come up with a new formula, to entice people to go to clubs. it will help if the music industry comes up with another dance music craze like hi energy or house that has a tune and is enjoyable to dance to.

i cant help feeling those old fashioned dances where everyone joins in and do those steps with various partners changing partners all the time, that we see in movies sounds like they are having so much fun, and maybe they should concoct a modern equivalent. cowboy dances what they call country and western dances dont seem to have caught on.

tea dances are quite popular with gays at one time, i wonder what happen to them.

some gays have gone into ballroom dancing, a gay friend of mine do that and so does his  partner, but they have to dance with women partners…

as for straights getting into waltzing and such, ballroom dancing it is called, there are some venues catering to it, (i presume, dont have any personal knowledge of them) but it wont be a big time crazy movement , it wont happen i think because it involves learning complicated dance steps and majority of modern people just dont like that .

here is another take , by a gay nightclub owner. he says the gay nightclub is thriving. the links to the omg club does not work, google could only throwup a recent new opening in chatham, free entry and drinks cost £1.50.  but interesting that he says he has done without the DJ, using a link to send the music out from a central point to the various branches in various towns (he says he has 5) of his club. that would certainly cut costs, because the DJ is expensive. his clubs are not in london that is why i have not heard of them till now. but if he says he is thriving, than he must be doing something right. he says he has to compete with supermarkets and facebook.

another article about the nightclub closures as related to gay venues.

from my own personal experience i know that the gay sex clubs are doing well, reduced in numbers though.. only 4 fulltime venues that i know of in the whole of london. but gay dance clubs? dont know, as i have not been to one for ages.


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