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19 Aug

Learn Some Manners ‹ Reader — WordPress.com.

8.15pm wednesday drizzly, 17.2C

this is funny but also very revealing of what a person who seemingly did the selfless thing by opening the door for you, is thinking… they actually want  to force you to acknowledge what they did, like they want a reward for what they do volunteeringly, something that  should be done out of the goodness of their heart and by rights, should not expect to be thanked. but from what this person writes, it exposes the underlying truth of those who say they are polite and hold the door for you. they are rather controlling creatures, hiding under the guise of a considerate and polite veneer.

am i wrong to think this of them? it might make u wonder now what the motives are of those who seemingly seem so helpful and polite. perhaps this person is the exception and most of those who hold doors open dont expect anything. but i wonder….

it kind of confirms for me that we all do whatever we do, for reasons that benefit us…

this reminds me of something. we hear of foreigners coming to an asian or arabian country marvelling at how everyone is so generous, and giving … but in those countries there is an underlying understanding that if u accept , then u are held under an obligation to reciprocate some time in the future when a favour is asked of you. that is what the gifts signify, it is storing goodwill for the future, which shall be one day cashed in . it is very subtle and a lot of foreigners do not understand how it works. so there is a lot of misunderstanding later on, when that person asks for a favour in return and the foreigner do not connect the two events , the giving and the receiving and the future obligation, and refuse to comply.


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