daily telegraph

20 Aug

london 6.28am thursday 2015 16.9C

yesterday i find that i have reached my limit for reading the daily telegraph website. they do have interesting articles that make me want to click on them to read. the other websites dont seem to have that. i got a pop up from them asking me to fill up a survey. i thought it will be just another survey asking me how much i like them, but no. it was a very interesting survey, asking me where, in which category, i would find the headlines they suggest. so it is asking me to place the headlines where i would expect them. and i found it quite difficult to do so because many of them could be placed in 2 or more categories and i am undecided which ones take priority.

for eg, there was the headline about drugs in athletics, i thought i shall put it under sports and athletes, but there was no athletes listed, so i had to return to the main menu to try to place it. actually to me i would just put it under news, uk, and put it on the front page. this is because whenever i enter the website i just read the front page where they put a lot of stuff, rather than go individually into the various categories. i think i may miss quite a lot of stuff because of that. but i find it rather tedious to be going into each category as most of it is quite boring really.

at the end of the survey, they ask me if i would like to be included in future surveys, but i said maybe better not, as i am clueless about these things and might inject errors in their samplings. i said that is why i like reading the printed newspaper. i just turn the pages and read from start to end. haha.

i wonder if that is the biggest downside of the websites… it may be difficult to find articles that might interest u, unless u can search for it by knowing the headline. in fact that is how i find articles, i read of it in the printed newspapers, take note of the exact words in the headline, and then type it on the search box of the online website and get to the online article that way. this i do if i want to link that article to my blog and comment on it in my blog. 

 that is why i like google news,(or other news aggregator websites) because it sifts through all the news of all the news websites and bring to my attention things that i might be interested in. and i can go to a lot of different news websites reporting on the same thing and get different versions of it…

in the end, i do like to read the news in a newspaper. it is  a perfect way to find new news, items that i do not know have happened, or interesting articles written that i would normally not know of if and hence miss, if i were to just browse the online news websites. the daily telegraph do have interesting articles that other newspapers dont have. that is why i have used up my quota this month. i find it quite difficult to resist clicking on the headline , because it is so seductively worded and the topic is of interest to me.

take for eg one article showing how you cannot just bring food from home to eat in certain venues or a seaside pier which wont allow u to bring your own food… most of us might suspect it, but they go out and find these places that wont allow u to bring food in and talk about it. 

added 8.12am. i saw this article about long scroll pages. so that is what it is called. i have liked that the telegraph, (and the dailymail website) have front pages that carry a lot of stuff, and scrolls down a long way; so on that one page u can read lots of stuff without having to move to one of their subsections. i like that, and i had thought that is the reason why the daily telegraph and daily mail websites are so popular, and this article says it is catching on with others as well.

 added 21.8.15 8.57am i re read that about the long scroll, and i think in the past with slow internet connections users hated long scroll, because it took ages for the page to appear due to the slow connection. esp when u click on something to expand it to read, and then return to the page and it starts it slow upload again…  but nowadays we have fast broadband, so that is not a problem. 

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