The Biggest Question of All: are you a Feminist, or are you Not?

26 Aug

The Biggest Question of All: are you a Feminist, or are you Not?.

most of those shouting for or against feminism have not defined what it is…

he says if u pick and chose , separating the good stuff from the bad, he says the good stuff will have allready be categorised elsewhere… and it is true when you think about it.

so does it mean the bad stuff is feminism? if so, does it mean feminism boils down to ‘we support other women, right or wrong’.

feminism is just ‘women should stick up for each other.  so nevermind the facts, between two views, and advantages, a feminist will side with the woman’s view, right or wrong does not matter’. that would be a clear and lucid definition of feminism.

but i find his questions are very pin point accurate in helping an undecided person get clearer on whether he supports feminism or not.

of course, we gay men, tend not to bother with it, and steer clear of the debate, as we think it is a straight men and women thing. is it rape or consent? for some obscure reason neither seem to get clear signals about consent. what is the matter with them?  that kind of thing. can’t they speak , and mean what they say?

or on divorcing, they are both fighting over the same cake, alimony, children, the dog, the house, etc… for which any sane gay man will avoid like the plague.

interestingly have i got it wrong or do i get the impression  gay women seem very closely involved with it. maybe i am wrong? am i?

actually if i were a gay woman, i would be well advised to get into it, and get involved.

why would it attract gay women? because if they want to increase their sphere of influence and see advantages for them it would be advantageous for them to have more feminism and clear the men from their world. they must dream of a world where they wont be pestered by men being around and taking up space. haha.


3 Responses to “The Biggest Question of All: are you a Feminist, or are you Not?”

  1. myatheistlife Wednesday August 26, 2015 at 5:17 pm #

    They dream of a world where they don’t have to compete because that is what equality means and they know they won’t be able to compete. Feminism is a way for them to cheat their way to respectability. It’s the only way they’ll get it.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday August 26, 2015 at 5:41 pm #

      well, lets look at it as a neutral observer, and from their perspective it is ideal. people always will want to skew things to their advantage, and if feminism can bring it about, increase jobs for women, and all the cushy jobs and not the dangerous ones, or get the children and still get lots of alimony … or cry rape at the drop of a hat and be taken seriously,
      ( that case of the phuket false accusation comes to mind. her friends thought the sprained wrist and bruises were because she was raped, and she went along with it, until she realised the huge implications for the man involved, he was jailed for 2days, and only got free when the cctv showed she fell when walking back from the sexual encounter which was consensual, she tried to take back her statement, but the police wont allow her to. women dont realise that once the rape allegation is made the police will have to take it seriously and proceed. sigh, who wants to be a straight man, i ask you!!!)
      you can see why should they not fight for that. women as a whole will gain enormously. in the past men have it all, so i guess if u believe in balance, now women’s time has come. emancipation started it all, and we are just seeing it to its logical conclusion. it looks like that is the future at least in the western world. not a good time to be a young straight man growing up now.

  2. Carl D'Agostino Wednesday August 26, 2015 at 7:24 pm #

    Simply being a loving mother is the greatest possible of expression of feminism.

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