3 cheers for google chrome

30 Aug

london 4.36pm cloudy 20C sunday 2015

i had a really pleasant experience with the google store chap in the pc world store in the tottenham court road shop today.

i went there because my chrome book wont allow me to log on. it was working well as usual, until i was at the marylebone library and tried to log on to the wifi. earlier the library wifi at another library, in paddington where i went to earlier i could not log on, because google says it is unsafe. that is the first time i got that message in relation to the library wifi. but it wont even allow me to connnect to it, so i dont quite see how i got a virus or whatever to affect my chromebook. 

usually when i put in my password, it opens the chrome book and i get into my page. but this time, the screen went dark and then it returned to asking me for my password.

i left it and thought maybe it is a temporary glitch. but i tried to enter when i was on the bus near trafalgar square, as i was coming back from the marylebone library, and the problem still persisted.

i remembered there is a google store in the pcworld shop near warren st tube station, on the tottenham court road, so at the spur of the moment, i decided to leave the bus and catch the 24 to warren street tube.

 i know i had a lot of help from them last time, when i first bought the chrome book. they have a special section devoted to google store, where the chap there did all the work in sending a message via his ipad, to the google help line. it was a lady , we think she is in  america, who called back on his mobile, because i did not bring my mobile with me, and she talked him through how to power wash and reconfigure my chromebook like it is a new chrome book.

once that was done i could get into my chrome book but all my passwords and bookmarks were gone. but not to worry, she sent a email telling how to get it all back, and there was a link to my dashboard with more instructions. i was really glad the google chap was there to do it, as i doubt i would know where those settings are.

anyway, it is all done and i got my chrome book working again.

i dont know how this glitch happened. was it what i did? if so what did i do? or even not my fault but something else? but he said she seem to know exactly what the problem was so it must be something that happens.

thank goodness for google i think. to be able to get this help so quickly and thank goodness for living in london and have quick easy access to a google store. i would highly recommend buying a chrome book.

if it had been a windows laptop i would be unable to get such a lot of help to correct the problem. 

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