misusing the word harassment.

30 Aug


 i saw this article by daisy buchanan ‘i am tired of being kind to creepy men in order to stay safe’;.  in the guardian but did not read it.

but just recently i read this by mike buchanan, (no relation) titled daisy daisy, highlighting it amongst other things. and gave a link to the spectator article parodying daisy’s article. it is really funny. 

but having read daisy’s article, i find i agree with the spectator writer. the woman seem delusional, seeing harassment where there was none. at first i thought daisy was writing it tongue in cheek to show how women misuse the word , harassment, and to misconstrue behaviour and by that, they frighten themselves needlessly. but it seems she really believes these actions to be frightening. and that means many women are like her, seeing sinister things in quite ordinary actions. if widespread, it bodes ill for future men-women interactions. 

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