should uk leave the EU?

6 Sep

london 9.26pm 16.8C, sunday 2015

this article in the daily mail says 51% now wants uk to leave the EU. opinion has changed a lot. previously majority was to remain in the EU.

Actually i am beginning to agree to the idea that  UK  leave the EU. All i am interested in is trade ties with the EU. that is all, i have no wish that the EU can start passing laws to control the UK and interfering with british laws.

in the past they have made it a condition of trade that UK be a member of the EU, or rather they have implied it. but that cannot be right. no country can put up trade walls and conditions to block trade with another. esp if they are also interested in trading with the UK.

The financial sector , which is london based, are afraid they will be blocked from doing business in EU, if uk is not a member,  it is possible that EU  can impose extra duty. The EU is considering a extra tax on financial transactions and if uk is not a member it can do it, and uk will be penalised. though it could work both ways, business may run to uk, if that tax is imposed in europe. the picture is not clear. uk have stamp duty and that has not detered those outside it from doing business with the uk stock exchange.

personally i think all countries should put a small tax on all financial transactions, that would raise quite a lot of money… though there might be disagreement on which country gets the money. but it is very possible that businesses will desert it and run to do business where the tax is not implemented.

ah well, these are problems that i am glad i dont have to solve. haha. the other thing if uk leaves the EU is what about all those brits living in europe now? their health benefits will stop as i dont think the reciprocal health arrangement currantly agreed on will hold after separation. and their freedom to live there for a long period may be subject to change. i think that group of people will see the biggest changes to their way of life.

i think for travellers and holiday makers, there wont be any changes. just as i can travel to europe easily, even though i am not british, after partition, brits will still be able to travel freely and holiday in europe without problems. i have a feeling things wont change that much if UK leaves. it is getting more and more attractive to leave, because i can see the EU govt tightening its grip and trying to make every country be united under one legislation. and they are very spendthrift, their spending is out of control. the gravy train is there for everyone in EU govt. it is really very bad and getting worst. 

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