ceramic bricks of london shop front forming a tower exhibited in victoria and albert museum

8 Sep

london 6.15pm 17.1C tuesday 2015

saw this in this website dezeem.com ,.looks rather interesting, and all the brick shop fronts, with the posh shops on top are for sale from £95-£6000 down. there are 2439 (3000 all told)of them left unsold when i looked.  the exhibition is from 8th sept to 1nov 2015.


when i looked, quite alot of the cheaper ones are sold. they are very detailed and looks lovely. and some feature graffiti images on their sides.

no 2785 featured a shuttered facade of ’empire’ chinese takeaway at 43mile end road ec1. with a huge graffiti of a smoking tart wearing a bra and tight shorts, which covers the whole side wall. £110 sold. its very nice no wonder they get sold so fast. i only just caught it, before the image was removed. once sold they remove the image from the site. so gradually fewer images remain to view. pity that, because they are rather nice to see in their own right. esp when so many of them have graffiti on their side, which wont be seen even if u go to that exhibition and look at the tower. not to mention at the website u can see it real close and see all the details.

he’s got a blog too


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