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9 Sep

london 1.18pm sunny 19.8C wednesday 2015

performance art is a strange thing. take for eg this one being held in bus number 9 as it runs from the strand to hammersmith. william mackrell starts 10sept -13 sept. i am not sure what it is , i assume it is performance art.

funny things that humans get up to dont you think? i think it is because we have a lot of time on our hands.haha. we dont have to spend any time growing or hunting for food.

i was reminded of this last night when i was watching a tv program about india. bbc2 natures wonderland part 2/2 , if u are lucky u might be able to see that program on the article there.

but there was a part where they showed villagers helpng the baby turtles to get to the sea from their hatching place on the beach. and i was thinking well, if u let nature takes it course, all those villagers would be able to feast on eggs, and get the only time of the year when they can get protein to boost their diet, but instead with all this ecological hoo haa they cannot get to it anymore, it being protected by police… and all those villagers carrying the straying young turtles who move away from the sea, … i was thinking they are depriving all the birds around of this yearly bonanza of food which would help feed the young birds around that area. all those goody deeds favouring one group of wildlife have dire consequences for other wild life…  if only people would know…

then i had a further think and realise that if not for the conservation effort, some ‘entrepreneur’ will make a big business out of it, digging up huge amounts of eggs to sell off and make a huge killing as it were. we humans really are too successful . we not only not just eat what we can and leave the rest to others, but we will sweep it all and empty that area of all , just so we can sell it on to others of our kind. we are a greedy bunch but then it is because we are so intelligent. other animals must be cursing us. haha. 

wildlife is only safe from us if they remain hidden and undiscovered. i can only hope there are some unknown beaches somewhere which we have not discovered where all these wildlife can do their own thing and flourish. god help them if ever we stumble upon it and discover it.

nothing foretells extinction of a species so surely once we discover its existence. 


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