white guy giving himself a chinese name to get his poem published

9 Sep

london 5.35pm sunny 19.2C wednesday

here is a case of a white man using a chinese name to get his poem published. and doing it so well  to the extent that it got into the best american poetry 2015 anthology. quite a reverse of the usual accusation of asians being discriminated against.

people are criticising him, but i dont quite see why he should not do it after all if a asian can change his name to an english sounding one, to get published, why not him?

what it means is that your race does influence the outcome whether u get published or not.  and maybe we should all acknowledge this is a human condition. it pervades all of human interactions , not only in the publication world.

judgeing a poem is so subjective, it is not surprising if the name of the poet can influence how people view it. 

we humans do have prejudices… or what i would like to call  our ability to observe the world and come to general conclusions. you might call it prejudice, or u might call it instinct of survival.

in the most extreme situation it is the ability to recognise danger and instantly note who is causing it. so we humans would never get into that situation where you can kill  sheep quietly taking them one by one, amidst the herd, and all the rest of them wont notice and continue cropping at the grass.  

but nowadays we are not constantly in danger, so all that instinct has morphed into who writes the best poetry… haha. 


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