beer and cider festival in kings cross 10sept-13sept2015

10 Sep

london 9.07am sunny 15.8C thursday 2015

got a londonist notification of this welsh festival brought to london this weekend. i am not a drinker but even i got interested. sounds like a lot of things going on there.

it is free entry, and u can buy drinks as you go, but the drinks deals are really good. a chance to sample 12 beers or 9 ciders (a third of a pint each) for £20 or £15. and they give u a souvenir goblet. that means unlike everyone else u dont have to buy a £2 souvenir cup which can be washed or replaced with a clean one free. the cup is for you to keep so it must be something better than a plastic cup. haha. i think that is a great idea, it means there wont be lots of dirty cups all over the place thrown away after each drink.

and there are all those workshops…some of it free,though in fact the classes in beer and cider tastings sound  like more my thing. for £5 u get to taste them and be guided by experts. a lots of bands featured, if u like that kind of thing. and they will have food to buy and eat… from welsh caterers.

it will be great for beer and cider drinkers. 

its at the courtyard LEWIS CUBITT SQUARE
KING’S CROSS, LONDON, N1C 4AB from today to sunday.

the interactive bus map is really fun to see. i have not seen any of their advertisements anywhere so the londonist is doing well to publicise them. 


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