wifi in the library

12 Sep

london 5.37pm sunny 19.4C saturday 2015

as you know the library wifi wont allow me to log on. or rather chrome wont allow me to log on. and today chrome gave me this message when i again tried to log on.

Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key


Hide details

This error can occur when connecting to a secure (HTTPS) server. It means that the server is trying to set up a secure connection but, due to a disastrous misconfiguration, the connection wouldn’t be secure at all!

In this case the server needs to be fixed. Google Chrome won’t use insecure connections in order to protect your privacy.

what a cute name diffie-hellman. haha. anyway i wrote to the westminster library email including this explanation  and got a reply saying they will let their engineers know of it.

earlier when i wrote to them about it, they said they are aware of it and their engineers are working on it. i hope it will get it solved. it has been an awful long time that it has been unable to work for my chrome, so i think the library engineers were flummoxed by it. so hope this get them a kick in their backsides to find out the bottleneck that caused my chrome not to connect to them. 

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