do u like rugby?

15 Sep

london 6.33pm clear 16.6C tuesday 2015

i wonder what londoners are worry about today.

railways have warned commuters that this friday is the start of the world rugby in twickenham stadium . i had to google it to find out where it is near richmond. and not far from heathrow airport.

the railway people are saying there will be long waits during the rush hour from 4pm, on friday as it will coincide with the rugby crowds going to see the rugby which starts at 8pm. but i wonder if that will really happen, because many of them will be staying near the stadium. there have been some rugby players advertising their homes for rent. 

the french team is staying in croydon, and twitting that it is a dull and boring place. haha.

i wonder how big is this rugby thing in real life. the papers are full of it, but i think it is because there is not much news at this time of year.

the latest time out magazine (which came out 15th sept but i picked it up in my library this morning) are saying there are lots of exhibitions coming up this month. the most well known is the ai wei wei one at the royal academy. he was prevented from leaving china for 4yrs, and was only given 20days visa to britain which caused a big ruckus, and the home secretary intervened and gave him 6months. so now he is here in london. there are lots of other exhibitions, too.

i got an invitation via email for the opening day of an erotic art exhibition ‘temptation rides again’ in john adam st, in oct 6, tuesday 5pm-8pm. it runs for a week and open to anyone. the open day is invitation but i am sure anyone who ask them can get an invite. which i am going to. it might be more interesting to see what they have on. it is not featured in timeout. perhaps they have to advertise in timeout to be mentioned and that would be rather expensive. so word of mouth and a newsletter to us would be more effective in getting the word out.

it is also young’s (its a pub chain) 184th birthday and from 17.9-20.9 they are giving a voucher in the timeout which u can exchange for a free pint of beer. or u can download the voucher there is nothing to stop u collecting these vouchers and going to their many branches and drinking their beer. haha. i wont be doing it, as i dont like drinking much. i might go across the river at vauxhall, and get a free beer and sit and watch the sunset and the river flowing by. come to think of it, i would welcome a free coffee and pastry, rather than a beer. haha.

but timeout mentioned that there are young pubs showing the rugby, so it might be a nice tie in for them to bring in the crowds for the rugby and offer free beer. and of course with drinkers one beer wont be enough. they will drink lots. 

from the londonist. this one i am interested in seeing.


McCann London puts on a rare show of the cartoonist’s commercial work in its own Art Deco advertising agency in Bloomsbury. Heath Robinson in Advertising acts as a curtain raiser for a museum dedicated to the artist opening in Pinner in 2016. Free, just turn up, 10am

added. 25.9.15. sorry to say i did not go to that heath robinson show, and it is over . today is the last day. so that is that. ho hum. haha.


One Response to “do u like rugby?”

  1. finnwest2015 Wednesday September 16, 2015 at 8:50 am #

    I love rugby! Especially when they play naked.
    Which is unlikely at Twickenham on Friday unfortunately.

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