what is wrong with the EU?

17 Sep

london 8.32am sunny 11.1C thursday 2015

this article by open democracy which i read in my wordpress reader (it is easier to read it there than in their website, one of the plus for the reader.)spells it out and very clearly. it certainly clarifies for me the  cons of the EU and it makes me realise it should have remained a trading body, rather than morphed into a govt by stealth.

it is not a parliament as such;  it has no opposition. and the speech by vaclav klaus, president of the czech republic in feb 2009 shows it very clearly, and he was rewarded with a mass walkout. and yet i dont remember it being reported widely. 

the whole report makes me rethink about staying in the EU. i am now inclining to join those heading towards the exit. 

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