hounded, by kevin hearne

18 Sep

london 4.12pm rain off and on, 17.5C friday 2015

drop by the trafalgar square to see what is happening with the malaysia night which is an annual thing. its been rainy off and on, which dampened things a bit, so the square was not as crowded as in the past years. the grocery stall was doing great business. did not buy anything as the frozen fish balls were all sold out it seems. i asked if they do it, because i did not find any and was told they are all sold out. so early in the day too. 

not so much the food stalls. no queues at all for the food.

and there were no stage performers when i went there at about 2.30pm. the rain must have made them cancel the performances. pity that because the music and dance does make for a nice atmosphere.

i got more books to read at the charing cross library. one about djinns, ‘the golem and the djinni, by helene wecker, and the alexandria quartet, by lawrence durrell. the last one is a very old collection of 4 books 1957-1959. he died in 1990. i have read it before but did not finish it, and thought i shall try it again. 

but i want to talk about the latest one, hounded, that i finished reading last night, stayed up late to finish it. i seem to like these fantasy books about magic and werewolves and witches. it is the first of six books so far. called the iron druid chronicles. about a druid who is 2000 yrs old but looks 21yrs old and is very powerful, fighting and killing gods. i found it by random chance and picked it up in the library. it is nicely written.

i seem to gravitate to fantasy novels nowadays.

i picked up some booker prize nominees, but after reading the burbs, and finding they deal with the emotions of a kid growing up or some girl falling in and out of love, i put it back again. i kind of got bored with these relationship novels now. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

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